Enterprise NX01 High-Res Texture Pack

You probably played the NX01 Teaser and thought "hmm.. this couldn't get any better"... well it just did ;) As made obvious by its title, t...


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You probably played the NX01 Teaser and thought "hmm.. this couldn't get any better"... well it just did ;) As made obvious by its title, this pack contains some high-res textures for the teaser levels. The textures in here are pretty much double the size of the ones in the teaser! Simply extract the file to your Elite Force folder (it should end up in Elite Force/nx01/ ) and play the game to see the high res goodness.

Note: This is only for use on computers with a minimum of 512mb of RAM. Sometimes, even higher will be required.

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Download 'nx01highrez.zip' (14.73MB)

Enterprise NX-01 Teaser
Build version: 1.4
Current size: 54mb
Released: 17/4/04


Enterprise NX-01 is en route to the Delphic Expanse. With just a few hours to go before the cross into this dangerous region of space, the ship is ambushed by a Klingon Bird of Prey under the command of Duras. Duras is eager to get revenge on Archer, and will go to any lengths to destroy the ship. However, the Klingons are afraid of the Expanse, and will not follow the NX-01 into it. If you can repel the invaders and hold them off for long enough, you will ensure the safety of the ship.

The gameplay in the MOD is difficult, so here's a few tips to help you through.

1 - USE THE ENVIRONMENT: You're a lot more likely to get shot if you're standing in the open. Use whatever you can to your advantage, whether it be crates, walls, ladders etc.

2 - CHERISH YOUR HEALTH: There are no health pickups in the maps, for this reason, keeping your health is vital. Stay out of the way of energy fire as much as possible.

3 - LISTEN TO NPCS: They may off you crucial information that will allow you to complete your mission faster and safely.


Editors used            : GTKRadiant, BehavED, Adobe Photoshop, ShaderED.
Construction time       : Many many months
Test time               : 1 month


Website                 : www.enterprisenx01.tk
Email                   : enterprisenx01@scifiheaven.net


Please leave a message on our forums at: forums.scifiheaven.net

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Enterprise NX-01

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