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You'll ask yourself why this release? HorckDude's job on the NX-01 mod was creating the launchbay, and that job was finished about 2 years ago, around the time the teaser was released. But for some reason it never got released, and when he found this map a few weeks ago he thought: hey, this needs barely any work to release so let's do it!

And here you're watching at the release of the launchbay of the Enterprise NX-01. It's more of a mini-mod than a map, because it includes modifications to the game on all levels. When the game starts you'll see the turbolift menu interface which was orginally designed to facilitate the tourmode. That never got released, so HorckDude decided to include the turbolift functionality in this release. Also included is the entire crew of the NX-01, brilliantly skinned by toonloon, to make the map more lively.

If people want to continue the work the NX-01 modding team did they can. Because work is no longer being done on the mod we decided to make this release open-source, in other words: all editable files are included (the .map file and the editable script files). So if you want to create those other decks for the tourmode yourself you can. Just remember that it took us years to NOT release it.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this final release from the NX-01 mod.




 ---== ENTERPRISE NX-01 MOD ==---


Unzip the package to your Elite Force folder (not 'baseef') and start the file 'NX-01 Launchbay.bat'

Name		: Enterprise NX-01 - Launchbay
Project		: Enterprise NX-01 mod
Created by	: HorckDude (mapping, textures, scripting, coding, overall integration)
		  Toonloon (modelling, skinning)
		  Paracyte (texturing, shadering, mapping)
		  NeoSunaru (modelling, mapping)
		  CMcQ (team project lead)
		  Supported by the rest of the NX-01 modding team with many, many things
Released on	: 12/3/2006
Development time	: Production of the NX-01 mod started in late 2001, and the launchbay was started in early 2002. It was finished after two years of production, in the spring of 2004, but it was never released until march 2006.

This is quite simply the final release the NX-01 mod will ever see, which is still surprising seeing the mod was cancelled some time ago.

For the Enterprise NX-01 mod, I (HorckDude) mapped, textured and scripted the launchbay map. This ofcourse with a lot of help from the NX-01 team, like the use of mod textures, shaders, models and the pre-fabricated corridor mapping-work. Every team member was creating a part of the Enterprise, and this was my task.
Production went pretty well, with some ups and downs ofcourse, but when we got to the teaser release the launchbay was still being wrapped up, plus, we didn't have any use for the launchbay in the teaser. So it was decided to release the map seperately. But that obviously never happened.
Now, almost two years after the teaser release in 2004, I found the old launchbay map and thought it would be a shame not to release something I put so much work in. The map was already finished in 2004, so it took little time to finish it up (add NPC's, tweak the scripting and coding) and release it. And here it is.

Originally this was intended to be part of a tourmode (which never materialised), and that is why the game will start with a turbolift interface. I coded that some years ago to facilitate the tourmode, and now I decided to include it, even though you can only play E Deck, where the launchbay is situated.

Last minute addition to the map is the NX-01 crew which can be found in the map. These NPC's were entirely created by my friend toonloon, and I am proud that I can include them in this release. Also thanks to FishDS9 for providing the sounds for the NPCs.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Credits go to Raven Software for doing the brilliant Elite Force for which there are still mods released many, many years after it hit the shops. Also to the people at Scifi Heaven, SpaceStation K7, the Raven Boards and all the people who've shown so much enthousiasm for the Enterprise NX-01 mod. And ofcourse to the people behind Star Trek: Enterprise, and in particular Gene Roddenberry for creating Star Trek.

If you have any question or problems contact me at:

E-mail	: [email protected]
MSN	: [email protected]

You can distribute this preview freely as long as the NX-01 modding team is given the proper credit. Also, you are not allowed to change the contents of the zip file in any way for further distribution and thus not allowed to remove or edit this readme file.
If you want to use anything in the zip for your own creation you MUST ask for our permission first.

Creative design of Star Trek and the Enterprise NX-01 are copyrighted by Paramount 



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