Episode 3 Clonetrooper



This is version 3 of the Episode 3 Clonetrooper skin. It is pretty accurate to the real thing now, with taunts, pain sounds etc included. Version 3 brings support to team play. However, if you try to join the blue team you will soon find yourself staring at your EF game exiting with an error... The walking anim (as stated in a previous review) has a jitter, but (like the preview review also stated) most people don't tend to walk around in EF ;). I think the model also has some strange effect on the gun in your hand but that may have just been random.

Apart from that it looks and works pretty well.

Download if you like Star Wars, Clonetroopers, or the look of this skin (and plan on never joining the blue team).



Skin Name: Episode 3 Clonetrooper 
Console Name: Ep3t
File Type: Skin for a Custom Model
Pack file: baseef/EP3Clonev3.pk3
Modeler: Raven Software
Skin Authors: Raven Software
EF Converter: Eric Staub aka Eric2534
Animator: Brelan 3-Demon Duff
Email Address: NeoExelor@ Gmail.com

This is an Episode 3 Clonetrooper skin. I basicly made it because there are no Clonetrooper skins in EF so I decided to make an EP3 one because there is no model for it. Enjoy!

INSTRUCTIONS: Place into your Elite Force/ Baseef Folder.

v3: Teams!

All credits go to Guys who converted it..

Quake(R) and Quake3(R) are registered trademarks of id software
Star Wars(R), Jedi Knight(R) are registered trademarks of LucasArts Entertainment Company

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