One word: UNBELIVABLE. I was shocked to find that effiles did not have this map, so i took it upon myself to get it. The maker of this map...


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One word: UNBELIVABLE. I was shocked to find that effiles did not have this map, so i took it upon myself to get it. The maker of this map is the leader of clan XG, LivingDeadJedi. This is his first map, and its simply amazing. If you saw Star Wars Episode 1 youll recognize this map immediately. its the power core where darth maul fought obi-wan and qui-gon. The detail is amazing and the items are placed in very good locations. No glitches, No problems, this is just simply an amazing map. The only problem is with the readme. he doesnt tell you how to install the map, but if you have downloaded maps before, you know where to put them (In the baseef folder inside the Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force folder inside the Raven folder). YOU MUST GET THIS!!!! STOP READING AND CLICK ON DOWNLOAD!!!! I will try to get more of livingdeadjedi's maps up asap. have fun with this one until i do :).

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Download 'episodeWHAT.zip' (7.47MB)

This map was made by  Commander of XG clan  LIVINGDEADJEDI
it resembles the Theed power core in Episode 1 of star wars
i didnt make it perfect so as not to upset lucasarts who are making Jedi outcast one of the best looking games for next year =]]]
ill be in that shop queue faster than a rabid camel to get the game  =] hehehe
if only someone could make a lightsaber type controller for the game that you could swing around =[ oh well enough of my ranting...........

pk3 name        "EpisodeWHAT"
bsp name        "EpisodeWHAT"
map		"EpisodeWHAT"
longname	"duel of the fates"
gametype    "CTF, teamplay, deathmatch" for 8 people
time to build 2 months  approx
can be used with version 1.0 or 1.2 of elite force

thanks to all who helped
to Bravestar for helping me with map making and Q for letting me test it on his server
oh and JRB for showing me how to make a mirror floor  =]

known bugs
hmmm not found any but ya neverknow HEHE
oh except for mirrored floor im sure one bit in red base doesnt quite work but as its my first attempt at a mirrored floor dont expect miricles  =p

any textures used in this map that were created by other parties must not be used by anyone unless they get approval from the original creator

The textures: brickssandy, SandyWall, flagblue and flagred are © Copyright 2000 TextureUniverse.com and Scott Braut, and are used by permission only. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a map, skin, 3D project or level design must obtain them from TextureUniverse.com and use this credit. These Textures are not to be modified or distributed individually in any form unless part of this project. Anyone wishing to use these textures in a commercial project may obtain permission through Texture Universe.

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