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It's finally here! The long-awaited ERP Promo Video is finished.

Elite Roleplaying is the only roleplaying group for Elite Force....


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It's finally here! The long-awaited ERP Promo Video is finished.

Elite Roleplaying is the only roleplaying group for Elite Force. We meet for weekly roleplaying sessions every Saturday at 5pm GMT on our private server. To promote Elite Roleplaying, we proudly present this kick-ass video featuring seven layers of sound, real actors (no NPCs), and computer generated space sequences.

We've already gotten a new member from the preview video released last week. If you like the idea of roleplaying instead of fragging, come visit us on EFMods Forums.

What are you waiting for? Go download this!

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If you have any questions or comments, email me at [email protected]
In fact, please tell me what you think!!!

Note: Please leave this readme, unaltered, with the promo. Thanks!

	ERP: Elite Roleplaying is a group of people that have joined in order to roleplay
		in EF servers, adding a little variety and thinking to the game, rather 
		than just a deathmatch. The members of ERP do not only Roleplay, but they 
		create media designed to enhance the roleplaying experience. Some types
		of media created are maps, skins, diagrams, sounds, and other things to 
		modify Elite Force to make it more suited for roleplaying. 

	The Promo: This promo video started out as a few screenshots showing one of ERP's
			new maps along with some music and a logo. This video evolved 
			though, as you are about to see, or just have. ;)
			I, Sporto78, worked closely with Commander Luke to bring this 
			video into its current form. He showed me some maps and I came 
			up with a script. After deciding what I needed to do, a.k.a., 
			what I'd gotten myself into, I served as the project leader, and
			this video, production-wise, became more like a mod than some 
			video that I was going to put together in a few days. The purpose
			of this video is to show the EF community our little group, as we
			would like nothing more than for people to join our ranks. A few 
			of the recent joiners have told us that they would have joined a 
			while back, had they known about us. So this is our big attempt 
			at advertising. If you're interested in joining us, or just want 
			more information, visit our boards over at

Video Credits: As I said previously, this video started out as a small project I was 
		doing to kill time. However, it got bigger, more complex. My point is 
		that there was no concievable way to do this video entirely by myself. 
		Though I did most of the work involved, and was there at every stage 
		of the production, I had valuable assistance from most of the members 
		of ERP, personal friends, and even complete strangers. Many people were 
		involved, performing valuable services ranging from building and 
		maintaining sound effects sites and posting their lightwave models for
		other people to use, to ERP members acting out scenes in the ERP private
		server and providing their voices to make things more realistic. I am 
		extremely grateful to all of these people who helped, whether they know 
		they did or not. ;) I wish to use this time to credit everyone who had a
                hand in the production of this video. There are so many, I hope I don't 
		forget anyone. If you had a hand in this video, and I forgot to include 
		your name below, I am extremely sorry, and will fix it immediately. With 
		that said, here are the people who helped me.

ERP Server:           	Created and maintained by Scooter

Some of the skins:    	Scooter
		      	Laz Rojas

In game actors:       	Scooter
		      	Carlos Technology
		      	Commander Luke
		      	Ensign Crusader

Camera man:           	Sporto78

Maps:		      	Derelict2----------James Nukem
		      	Eternal------------Commander Luke

Derelict2 Texture Mod:  Simmo666

Spectator Mode Mod:     Scooter  (Took the words on the screen out)

Voice Actors:         	Simmo666-----------Helm
	              	Commander Luke-----Security
	              	XtremeAZ-----------Chief Engineer

Sound Effects:        	"Star Trek in Sound and Vision" (Website)
		       		( )

Exterior Shots (CG) : 	Tigerstripes166

Steamrunner Model:    	Dan Huling
				( )

Romulan Warbird:      	Mike Wright
				( )

Nebulea Background:  	Matt Tarling
				( Can't remember the website :( )

Music: 		      	Mark S. Affeld-----"Red Fruit, Part 2"
				      -----"Boss Battle Theme 1"
				      -----"Extreme Measures - Jenk"
		      	Bungie-------------"Halo 2 Trailer Music"

		      	Edgen Animations---"Enduring Freedom - Main Titles"		      

Editing:              	Sporto78
Script:               	Sporto78
Project Lead:         	Sporto78

ERP Logo:             	XtremeAZ

Final Cut Pro Help:     XtremeAZ

ERP Personel Pics:    	Simmo666

Had to add these last things. :D

Well, that's it people. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed most* of 
its production process. Drop me a line at [email protected] or visit ERP at the 
boards at


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