Everything Else Is Green

The very talented LtCmdrSalinga has sent us another excellent conversion map, this one is of Fjoggs Q3A map 'Everything Else I...


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The very talented LtCmdrSalinga has sent us another excellent conversion map, this one is of Fjoggs Q3A map 'Everything Else Is Green' (Filename: fjo3tourney2), and we are happy to provide it here, for the Elite Force community, because...afterall, he is a Lt. Commander...he outranks us.

There is no shortage of fun here, and it doesn't matter if there are a bunch of you looking for a great map to play, or if it's just you and a buddy...even if you're all alone, maby it's quality night for you and your computer! This map can be played in three different gamemodes: FFA, 1v1 or as Single player, which means, it'll be a fragging good time no matter how many there are of you!

If you like green, no...I'm not talking about money, I mean the color...then you are definately in the right place...and the map name fits to a 'T'! This map is anything but dim, so those of you that really hate dark spots/places, REJOICE! If anything, it's a little bright in a couple areas, but nothing that will bother you. 'Everything Else Is Green' a good looking map with some nice brushwork, a definate download no matter what your gamemode preference is!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'fjo3tourney2.zip' (2.26MB)

Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga with permission
of the author.

lvlworld.com reviews it like this

    Everything Else Is Green is an excellent tournament release from Fjoggs. The textures bring out a nice green industrial theme, and accompanied with some nice brushwork, make the map very attractive. Lighting is good and doesn't keep any parts of the map too dark, although things are a bit bright in places. [...] A must have for tournament fans, and may well be a keeper. It's a worthwhile download for those who like small deathmatches as well.

Following is the readme of the original Q3A map:

26 July 2004
(19 January 2004, 4 beta)
(12 January 2004, 3 beta)
(13 December 2003, 2 beta)
(16 September 2003, 1 beta)
Title : Everything Else Is Green
Filename : fjo3tourney2.bsp
Author : Vegard "Fjoggs" Fjogstad
E-mail : vegard1987@hotmail.com
* *
* *
* *
Install Info : Just place the *.pk3 file
inside your baseq3 folder
and select skirmish in the
single player menu.
Game Type : Tournament, Free for All
Weapons : RL, RG, GL, LG, SG
Respawn Points : 6
* *
* *
* *

Thanks to : Big thanks to Charon for
creating the textures and letting
me edit them.

Zombie, for saving my skinny ass!
Thanks, I owe you big time.

My big brother.

WviperW, Swelt and the rest of
the gameplay guru's over at

Medrakil for play testing
the alpha/beta version.

All the players playtesting this
with/for me version.

All players giving me in-game demos.

The quake3world.com/forums
for their valuable feedback

Copyright : Copyright (2004) by
Vegard Fjogstad.

All rights reserved

Permissions : This package may only be
distributed by means of
electronic transfer, free of
any charge to the recipient,
and may not be modified in
any way.

All the files included in the
original package must remain
intact and unmodified.

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