Expanded Sea Temple

Expanded Sea Temple (or CTF And1XP) adds a whole new level to the classic CTF And1, literally. Some of the new updates to And1 include the...


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Expanded Sea Temple (or CTF And1XP) adds a whole new level to the classic CTF And1, literally. Some of the new updates to And1 include the addition of a level at the very top, a different centre area, and changes to the bottom level of the bases. The flag has been moved to the topmost (new) level, and in its place is a staircase which takes you up to this level. At one side you'll find the flag, but there are also two exits/entrances that lead out to the centre. The centre itself still has the bridge inbetween, though there are extra passage right under it that lead inside the bases. Above the bridge is another of those 'holes' that lead up to the top-centre area. The bottom levels no longer have that platform in the middle (where the forcefield used to lie). Instead it is all open with steps that lead up to the platforms on the side.

The new additions work well with the old map. Catalyst has used objects from the old map and added them to the new locations to make them feel like they belong with the rest. In some cases there is a sure improvement to the map by increasing accessibility to the bases. However, I was a little put off by the changes to the bottom level of the bases that make things a bit easier for attackers to get to the flag. Namely the addition of the two jumppads that take someone from the very bottom right up to near the flag. This kind of makes the rest of the map redundant and leaves things too open for a defender to work with. Perhaps they should have thrown the player to the two small balconies near the flag staircase, which atleast leaves some work upto the player to get back to the flag level.

Whether you hate/love And1, I think you should atleast check out this map, it may just interest you :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No

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Download 'expandedseatemple.zip' (3.5MB)

Thanks for downloading an Expanded Sea Temple!

Alias:	 Catalyst
email:	 Catalyst@macfleet.com

Unzip the folder "and1XP" locate the enclosed file "ctf_and1XP.pk3" and place it into the /baseEF folder located
in your Star Trek Voyager Elite Force game folder. This map is designed for use with Star Trek
Voyager Elite Force.

---MAP INFO---
Title:			Sea Temple Expanded!
Filename:		ctf_and1XP.pk3

Theme/decor:		Sea Temple
Bot support (aas):	yes
Recommended players:	16: Optimal for 6-12 Players (Human or bots)
pk3-File contains:	Maps:".aas, .bsp, .bak, .prt, .srf",scripts:" .arena, .shader,"  textures, sounds, .readme file.

This is my first map, just an Expansion to the classic Sea Temple! I used it as my tutorial map for learning GTKRadiant. So Please Enjoy, It has full bot support and more spawn points than i got fingers and toes. Enjoy the Chaos!

Holomatch (Deathmatch):		Yes
Team Holomatch (TEAM DM):	Yes
Capture the Flag:		Yes

Weapons included:	All
Powerups:		All, 


Texture Thanks
 Thanks to Captain max Ames, for the waterfall prefab. And to Agent 007 for the shaders in that prefab!

Huge Thanks go out to kirkfat and Xcytng for all the help and support they provided me in learning how to map and use all of GTK's built in features. And a big thanks to Keysaw for being so kind in running the Mac-Gladiator server for so long, and for being the first to host my map!

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