This is a Q3 conversion of a T-Rex model by Paul Hassett. Its not as big as a real T-Rex, for obvious reasons, but its still intimidating. It has several skins, as well as T-Rex sounds from Jurassic Park added by me, because the originals weren't very good.

Original Creators: Paul Hassett, Kirin, Sonic128, SLYDE, digisaur, SkinwalkeR, Kenneth Scott Converted by: Eric2534

Bot Support: Yes CTF Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes



Place md3-fang.pk3 file into the baseef folder.

Note: FANG has been updated as of March 4, 2001. Fang is 1.27 Point Release compatible, however, you must have 1.27 Point Release or above to operate Fang. Fang is no longer backwards compatible with prior versions of Quake 3.

February 12, 2001
Model Name:		Fang

Pack file:		efmdl_fang.pk3

EF Converter:		Eric2534

Modeler:		Paul Hassett

Skin Authors:		See Attached skin-author.txt files:

			Kirin:       Rabid
 			Sonic128:    Fang, Rex
			SLYDE:       Nekros
			digisaur:    Savage, Fin, Red, Blue
			SkinwalkeR:  Gibasaur, RIP

			Kenneth Scott: HUD Icon/ID Software

CTF Skins:		digisaur

"A" Sound:		Dave Palacios: <http://www.davidpalacios.com>

Animator: 		Paul Hassett

Email Addresses:	[email protected]
* Play Information *
Skins:			Yes
Bot support:		Yes
New Sounds:		Yes 
CTF Skins:		Yes 

* Construction *
Poly Count              : 1149 polys
Vert Count              : 823  verts
Skin Count              : 10 Skins
Base                    : Original Model
Shaders			: Yes
Editor used             : MilkShape 1.45, 3D Max 2.5, Photoshop 5.0, 			  BotStudio .98
Known Bugs              : None Found
Build/Animation time    : 75 days, about 15~20 hours a week.



Fang is essentially a T-Rex gone bad, well badder. This is how it came to being:

"Fang" is a pet that is demon pocessed. The master is really the skull, Fang's last meal. "Victim", the skull, was previously a Q3 Arena player, but after his demise he was scavenged and consumed by "Fang". Still vengefull, "Victim" pocessed "Fang" and now controls "Fang's" every move. "Victim's" vengeance is "Fang's" fury...........

Victim does the chatting when playing against a bot by the way. 


Fang is a group effert. I'd go "nuts" if I did this all by myself:)

"Must" thank the people that skinned Fang and gave it life:

Kirin, Sonic128, SLYDE, digisaur, SkinwalkeR

See attached skin-author.txt files to get their take on what "Fang" is all about, and again I thank them for all their help, very appreciated.

Also, must thank Kenneth Scott from ID Software for letting me use his skin from the "Bones" model for the HUD. I have his permission. I have his e-mail...I got documentation:)...thank you, thank you, thank you.....Todd Hollenshead e-mailed me while I'm at it:) It's all good.

Must thank all those who critiqued and helped me at my pimp'n post at the messageboards at polycount.com

AND: Marauxus <www.toonsofevil.com> for his "Miles the Bear" model. He's the one that started this headless model thing, as far as I'm concerned anyway. I was inspired from his model...give credit where credit is due:)


Fang started as a concept drawing, I made. Concept drawing was placed in Max 2.5 and contours of drawing was traced with line splines, and splines were then extruded. 3DS file was then exported into MilkShape 1.45. Further modeling done in MilkShape.

Once Modeled, Fang was reimported into Max 2.5 and UV Mapped. Once mapped, reimported into MilkShape where maps were arranged and screenshot. Screenshots were pasted into Photoshop 5.0 and recolorized.

Skins were then available for "skinners".

Animations were done in MilkShape 1.45. I find that there were few, if any,  limitations to "bones" and animating them. Plus I did 900+ exported MD3 animation frames with MilkShape, and probably could have done more...

Standard JPEGs from Quake 3 are incorporated into this model, such as the flames:)

The sounds came from a Sound E/Fx CD I have, for a Mac:) and
Dave Palacios:<http://www.davidpalacios.com> provided a death sound for me, thank you. I also stole a Godzilla <like> sound from the internet:)

That's it. Hope you enjoy, thanks.............

While I'm ho'n, might as well visit my previous works as well:


* Copyright / Permissions *

Doom(R), QUAKE(R) and QUAKE III Arena(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Please, if you use this model for a mod or any distributable file (including as a base), let me know first.

And always visit my website:

Maybe someday I'll update it or something.

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