Fantasy Station

Well this is an interesting almost straight forward CTF map. I say almost because it contains some interesting quirks such as slippery ice a...


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Well this is an interesting almost straight forward CTF map. I say almost because it contains some interesting quirks such as slippery ice and coloured chemical water that will boil you to death.

The first thing I noticed when loading up the map was the error outputted in the console by the spectator spawn point. Although this is nothing to worry about since it is just complaining about a non existant target for the view.

On to the actual map, it has your basic 2 CTF flags on either side of the map, with a sort of defensive forcefield in front of them both. Throughout the map are some nice little jumppads that whisk you up to different levels. They are the type that shoot you up the side of a wall, and I like them. I had a go at making one once, but it didn't end well. However I am glad to report that these work perfectly.

The items are spread out and placed well, a cloak and metaphasic shielding are powerups to make a note of.

The structure of the map is also nicely done, with well placed curves, arches etc.

The middle level platforms will cause you to start sliding around (by design) so you will have to try to maintain control long enough to grab the items you want and jump off to safety. The texture used here however I did not like very much, since it is basically just a bright white. I guess the effect he was going for was ice, but it looks more like someone let off a white paint bomb over it.

I also noticed the skybox didn't look that nice in comparison to the quality of the rest of the map, it is a shame that Sniper didn't go for a custom made one.

It is for sure a great map with good gameplay potential though, so make sure to add this one to your permanent collection.

Bot Support: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: No

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Readme Fantasy Station

Longname: Fantasy Station
Shortname: ctf_fantasy
Author: Sniper

Clan: LoL (
Development group: PolderworkZ

Map Specifics

Visdatasize: 94872
Compilation Time: 25 Minutes Approximately

Compile Machine:

	AMD Athlon 1800+ XP
	GeForce FX5500 128MB 

Brushes used: 1965
Entities used: 1254


Time used: 20-25 Hours approx

New Shaders: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Models: No

Entities Specifics:
1254 Total

Team Specific entities:  78
Other Spawning entities: 21

Gameplay Entities: 80
    Weapons & Ammo: 72
    Powerups: 4
    Holdables: 4

Other: 1061

Team Specifics:

Red team Player starting points: 16
Red respawn points: 18
Blue team Player starting points: 16
Blue respawn points: 18

Other Spawning entities:
Name                           Quantity

FFA Starting Positions         12
Deathmatch Starting Positions  8
Spectator Spawns               1

Weapons & Ammo:
Name                    Quantity

Compression Rifle       2
Compression Rifle Ammo  8
I-Mod                   2
I-Mod Ammo              8
Scavenger Rifle         2
Scavenger Rifle Ammo    8
Grenade Launcher        2
Grenade Launcher Ammo   8
Tetryon Disruptor       4
Tetryon Disruptor Ammo  16
Quantum Burst           2
Quantum Burst Ammo      4
Arc Welder              2
Arc Welder Ammo         4

Name                       Quantity

Personal Cloaking Devices  2
Metaphasic Shielding       1
Temporal Accelerator       1

Name           Quantity

Detpack        2
Medkit         2

Name			Quantity

Trigger Entities        24
Target Entities         25

Lights                  1012

Installation Instructions:
Place ctf_fantasy.pk3 in your BaseEF folder.

Previous Projects:

By Myself:

Omega Station (ctf_sni1)
Omega Station 1.1 (pro_sni1)
Taz Model Conversion
Temple of Blizzard
Xi Station

By me and Johan

Omicron Station
Spyglass 3
Stink Map Pack
Best of Johan and Sniper Mappack

By me and Akilo

Ctf Akilo 1
Ctf Akilo 2
Pro Akilo 2
Ctf Akilo 3


All files in this pk3 were made by me and/or raven, I only take credit for files made by myself, all other credit goes to Ravensoft.
Only exception: textures/mappack/ncie.tga which was made by {SFEF}Sharky for Ice Age (One of the maps inside the Best of Johan and Sniper mappack)
Anyone who feels that this mappack isn't legal can go and kiss my you know what.

Anyone who wants to use textures & shaders supplied with this map, is free to do so without my permission, but I would appreciate proper credits.
Also, I suggest to wait a while as I am about to release a mapping add-on :) which will hopefully greatly simplify mapping :)


If this file caused your HD to be damaged or whatever... don't bother me with it.

Contact Information:

For Spam: In this case, I do not have an email-adress.
For non-spam:
For Questions, please dial 0900-not-at-home.

Thank you for purchasing this product and bla bla bla...

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