Federation Base Omega



This is a significant improvement over his previous work. Keep at it!

A flag room on either end, with borg weapons behind them. You can hide in the trenchs, alcoves, or the shadows.

Does not have bot support.



Hi I'm Deus1 this is my fourth map but second after i decided to re-release my maps
The picture may look a little dark but it isnt really, what happened was when i compiled it went pitched black except a few areas so i decided to add more light and make it 
as if it was night time and it looks quite cool.

*NOTE* No bot support due to my bspc-gui having COMDLG32.OCX error! 
If you know a way of fixing this please email me at DanielPr[email protected]
I may release another with bot support once this error is fixed.

Installation- put the pk3 file into your baseef file ( default is [drive]:\ProgramFiles\RavenStarTrekVoyagerEliteForce )

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