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Steve does it again! The latest version of his fantastic mod has a lot of excellent new features. I highly recommend you download this n...


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Steve[FB] does it again! The latest version of his fantastic mod has a lot of excellent new features. I highly recommend you download this now!

For a list of what's new, check out the changelog: http://www.sbap.fsnet.co.uk/stvef/changelog.html

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Download 'federation115.zip' (1.33MB)

Federation (v1.15) 
Mod For Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force (v1.20)
Steve[FB] - www.sbap.fsnet.co.uk 

If you have an older version of this mod with pak0.pk3 and pak1.pk3 in the Federation
folder, you must delete them or this version will not work.

Delete: Federation/pak0.pk3

There should only be 3 PK3's in the Federation folder;



This MOD is an altered version of EF v1.20 with loads of bug fixes and 96 new cvars to change
most parts of the game. I've made changes to FFA/THM/CTF/1v1, Assimilation, Specialties,
Disintegration, Elimination and Action Hero. 


All weapons on a map can be changed in to one type (efa_weaponsmode). ** SEE NOTE #5 **
Remove items from the map (efa_nohealth, efa_noarmor, etc.).
Give every player a Tricorder (efa_tricorder - bind [key] "weapon 13").
Swap flags around in CTF games, blue flag in red base, red flag in blue base (efa_swapctf).
cg_thirdPerson and cg_thirdPersonRange can be used without cheats enabled.
Roleplaying mode, weapons and other items removed from the game (efa_rpg). ** SEE NOTE #7 **


You can now add custom sounds to func_door, func_plat and func_button. Look in the
"mp_entities.zip" for details on how to add them to your map.


Put the "Federation" folder in the same directory as stvoyHM.exe, **NOT** BaseEF.

/Federation - ("C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\Federation\federation.pk3" and "update[#].pk3")


Load stvoyHM.exe. Go to the "MODs" menu, select "Federation (v1.15)" and click on "Load MOD".
Or run the "Federation.bat" file in the "Federation" folder.



:: General ::

Don't allow voting for single player maps (voy1, voy2, etc.) on your server (efa_allowspmaps). 
Crosshair added to 3rd person view.
The camera height in 3rd person view has been raised slighty above the players head.
You can now add Bots to passworded servers with bot_minplayers.
Remove Hypo weapons from maps (efa_nohypos).
Remove Photon Launcher and Arc Welder from maps (efa_noheavyweapons).
Remove Weapons, Ammo, Health, Armour, Pickups and Holdables (efa_nohealth, etc.).
The "CREATE SERVER" page now shows 6 maps instead of 4!
Disable printing of kill messages (cg_disablekillmsgs).
Ammo respawn time can be changed (efa_ammorespawn).
Armour respawn time can be changed (efa_armorrespawn).
Change the amount of damage a shield can take before dropping (efa_shieldstrength).
Change which weapons and ammo are placed on a map (efa_weaponsmode). ** SEE NOTE #5 **
Draw a mini-scoreboard on the screen of the top 10 players (cg_drawscores). ** SEE NOTE #4 **
Health respawn time can be changed (efa_healthrespawn).
Holdable respawn time can be changed (efa_holdablerespawn).
If scores are tied at timelimit, overtime can be played [CTF] (efa_overtime).
Maximum height of the shield bug has been fixed.
In team games, the shields stay with the same team if a player changes sides.
Play in most game types with only a Hypo (efa_hypo).
Play Quake3 maps (efa_quake3maps). ** SEE NOTE #6 **
Players can be invisible in most game types (efa_cloak). ** SEE NOTE #1 **
Players can fly around in most game types (efa_flight). ** SEE NOTE #1 **
PowerUp respawn time can be changed (efa_poweruprespawn).
Self Damage from Photons, Grenades, etc. can be turned off (efa_selfdamage).
Set the amount of damage caused by the Detpack (efa_detdmg).
Set the amount of extra damage the Quad pickup will do (efa_quad).
Set the range of the Detpack damage (efa_detrad).
Shields can be set to stay until shot down (efa_shieldstay).
Suicide ("/kill") can be disabled (efa_allowsuicide).
THM weapon respawning can be changed to match FFA and CTF (efa_thmweaponrespawn).
Voting restricted to : map_restart and map (efa_allowvote). ** SEE NOTE #2 **
Voting is limited to 3 per player, resets after capturelimit etc. and map changes.
Various changes to the UI and Client. ** SEE NOTE #4 **
Spam chat blocking (efa_chatsallowed).
Kick players who repeatedly spam (efa_kickspammers).
Added tripwire grenades to all gametypes (efa_tripwires).
Your tripwire grenades will not explode if you or your teammates go through the beam [TDM/CTF].
Kick players who repeatedly suicide (efa_kicksuiciders).

:: Assimilation ::

Defaults to Hazard Team models for non-Borg players (efa_hazardassim).
Allow spectators to join the game after an assimilation, but only join the Borg team (efa_allowborgjoin). 
Models for the Borg team can be set to Borg, Romulan, Proton, Species 8472 or Klingons (efa_assimmodels).
Assimilate players who die by misadventure... (efa_assimmisadv, etc.). ** SEE NOTE #3 **
Borg detpack bug fixed.
Borg Queens range of assimilation can be changed (efa_queenrange).
Borg Queens teleport return time can be changed (efa_queenteleport).
Borg speed can be increased to equal the Federation (efa_slowerborg).
Changing from Assimilation to another game type (via cvars) now clears the Borg class.
Drones range of assimilation can be changed (efa_dronerange).
Drones teleport return time can be changed (efa_droneteleport).
Flying Borg bug fixed.
Hits before Borg adapt to weapons can be changed (efa_borgadapt).
If the Borg win, the best player is MVP, not always the Queen.
Rate at which the Drones assimilate can be changed (efa_borgrate).
Set the maximum health of the Borg (efa_borghealth).
Set the maximum armour of the Borg (efa_borgarmor).
Stasis weapons and ammo have been changed to IMod.
You can't change teams with "/team spec".

:: Specialties ::

Infiltrator can be given a Tricorder, if efa_infilstasis is 0 (efa_infiltricorder).
Use your own player model instead of the preset models (efa_specmodels).
Change the amount of damage a shield can take before dropping (efa_specshieldstrength).
Change the maximum health of all the classes (efa_techhealth, etc.).
Change the maximum armour of all the classes (efa_techarmor, etc.).
Heavy class speed can be reduced (efa_slowerheavy).
Infiltrator can be given the Stasis weapon (efa_infilstasis).
Infiltrators speed can be reduced (efa_infilspeed).
Set 10 second delays in giving the holdable items to all classes (efa_tech10, etc.).
Techs can be blocked from walking through enemy shields (efa_techshields).
The hypo (main and alt fire) will heal team mates and kill the enemy (no more team kills).
The hypo now gives 20 health points per shot.
The Hypo will now work when the Phaser is fully discharged.
Tripwire grenades can be affected by gravity (efa_gravmines).
When a Tech places a second force field, the first one can be removed (efa_tech1shield).
You can give the Heavy class a teleporter (efa_heavyteleport).
Your tripwire grenades will not explode if you or your teammates go through the beam [TDM/CTF].

:: Disintegration ::

Play with a Compression Rifle or an I-MOD (efa_imoddis).

:: Elimination ::

You can't rejoin after being killed with "/team spec".
Fixed to work properly with "Hypo For All" (original EF code banned Hypo's).

:: Action Hero ::

Change the maximum health of the Action Hero (efa_actionherohealth).
Change the maximum armour of the Action Hero (efa_actionheroarmor).
Changing from Action Hero to another game type (via cvars) now clears the Action Hero class.
You don't drop any weapons or pickups when killed (so the Action Hero can't have the hypo).



:: General ::

cg_disablekillmsgs		(default: 0)    (1 = no console kill messages)
cg_drawradar		(default: 1)    (0 = no tricorder radar)
cg_drawscores		(default: 0)    (1 = draw scoreboard)
efa_allowspmaps		(default: 1)    (0 = no voting allowed for SP maps)
efa_allowsuicide		(default: 1)    (0 = no suicides)
efa_allowvote		(default: 1)    (0 = map and map_restart, 2 = ...) ** SEE NOTE #2 **
efa_ammorespawn		(default: 40)   (time in seconds)
efa_armorrespawn		(default: 20)   (time in seconds)
efa_chatsallowed		(default: 4)    (0 = no chatting, set higher to allow more chatting)
efa_cloak			(default: 0)    (1 = cloaked) 
efa_detdmg		(default: 750)  (grenade damage = 75 : 0 = no damage)
efa_detrad		(default: 500)  (grenade radius = 160)
efa_doctormodel		(default: 1)     (1 = use Doctor/Jurot for Hypo For All, 0 = default)
efa_flight			(default: 0)    (1 = flying)
efa_healthrespawn		(default: 30)   (time in seconds)
efa_holdablerespawn	(default: 60)   (time in seconds)
efa_hypo			(default: 0)    (1 = only weapon is a hypo, all other weapons removed)
efa_kickspammers		(default: 0)    (1 = kick on 1st spam warning, 2 = kick on 2nd..., 3 = kick on 3rd etc.)
efa_kicksuiciders		(default: 0)    (1 = kick on 1st suicide, 2 = kick on 2nd..., 3 = kick on 3rd etc.)
efa_noammo		(default: 0)    (1 = no ammo)
efa_noarmor		(default: 0)    (1 = no armour)
efa_nohealth		(default: 0)    (1 = no health)
efa_noheavyweapons	(default: 0)    (1 = remove photon/welder, not Action Hero)
efa_nohypos		(default: 0)    (1 = remove hypo weapons)
efa_noholdables		(default: 0)    (1 = no holdables)
efa_nopowerups		(default: 0)    (1 = no powerups)
efa_noweapons		(default: 0)    (1 = no weapons - not Assimilation or Action Hero)
efa_overtime		(default: 0)    (1 = play until a team leads in CTF)
efa_poweruprespawn	(default: 120)  (time in seconds)
efa_quad			(default: 3)    (1 = normal shot, no enhancment)
efa_quake3maps		(default: 0)    (1 = Quake3 Arena, 2 = Quake3 Team Arena)
efa_random		(default: 0)    (1 = randomly pick spawn items)
efa_rpg			(default: 0)    (1-4 = replace phaser with tricorder) ** SEE NOTE #7 **
efa_selfdamage		(default: 1)    (0 = no damage from your own weapons)
efa_shieldstay		(default: 0)    (1 = stay until shot down)
efa_shieldstrength		(default: 1)    (2 = x2, 3 = x3, etc.)
efa_swapctf		(default: 0)    (1 = put CTF flags in the other base)
efa_thmweaponrespawn	(default: 0)    (1 = g_weaponRespawn will now work in THM)
efa_tricorder		(default: 0)    (1 = players have a Tricorder [in almost all gametypes] - bind [key] "weapon 13")
efa_tripwire		(default: 0)    (1 = alt grenades use a tripwire)
efa_weaponsmode		(default: 0)    (0 = normal, 1-8 for different weapons)

:: Assimilation ::

efa_allowborgjoin	(default: 1)   (0 = spectators must wait until the next round before joining)
efa_assimcrush	(default: 0)   (1 = assimilate)
efa_assimfalling	(default: 0)   (1 = assimilate)
efa_assimlava	(default: 0)   (1 = assimilate)
efa_assimmisadv	(default: 0)   (1 = assimilate)
efa_assimmodels	(default: 0)   (0 = Borg, 1 = Romulans, 2 = Proton, 3 = Species 8472, 4 = Klingons)
efa_assimslime	(default: 0)   (1 = assimilate)
efa_assimsuicide	(default: 0)   (1 = assimilate)
efa_assimturret	(default: 0)   (1 = assimilate)
efa_assimwater	(default: 0)   (1 = assimilate)
efa_borgadapt	(default: 10)  (0 = adapted, 100 = 100 hits to adapt)
efa_borgarmor	(default: 100)
efa_borghealth	(default: 100) (Queen is x2 this value, drone = 100, queen = 200)
efa_borgrate	(default: 10)  (100+ = instant assimilation)
efa_borgweapon	(default: 1)   (0 = assimilator only)
efa_dronerange	(default: 64)
efa_droneteleport	(default: 15)  (time in seconds)
efa_hazardassim	(default: 1)   (0 = use players default model for non-Borg team)
efa_queenrange	(default: 32)
efa_queenteleport	(default: 60)  (time in seconds)
efa_slowerborg	(default: 1)   (0 = same as the Feds, 1 = original EF speed)

:: Specialties ::

efa_demo10		(default: 1)   (0 = no delay)
efa_demoarmor		(default: 50)
efa_demohealth		(default: 100)
efa_gravmines		(default: 0)   (1 = alt grenades fall to the ground instead of flying)
efa_heavy10		(default: 0)   (1 = delay) (if efa_heavyteleport = 1)
efa_heavyarmor		(default: 100)
efa_heavyhealth		(default: 200)
efa_heavyteleport		(default: 0)   (1 = gives heavy a teleport)
efa_infilspeed		(default: 1)   (0 = no haste, 1 = original EF speed ) 
efa_infilstasis		(default: 0)   (1 = Infiltrator has Phaser and Stasis weapons)
efa_infiltrator10		(default: 0)   (1 = delay)
efa_infiltratorarmor		(default: 0)
efa_infiltratorhealth	(default: 50)
efa_infiltricorder		(default: 0)   (1 = Infiltrator has Phaser and Tricorder)
efa_medic10		(default: 0)   (1 = delay)
efa_medicarmor		(default: 75)
efa_medichealth		(default: 100)
efa_slowerheavy		(default: 0)   (0 = original EF speed, 1 = 25% slower)
efa_sniper10		(default: 0)   (1 = delay)
efa_sniperarmor		(default: 25)
efa_sniperhealth		(default: 100)
efa_specmodels		(default: 1)   (0 = use your own model, not fixed to chell, etc.)
efa_specshieldstrength	(default: 4)   (1 = normal non-spec shields, 8=x8, etc.)
efa_tech10		(default: 0)   (1 = delay)
efa_tech1shield		(default: 0)   (1 = remove the first force field)
efa_techarmor		(default: 50)
efa_techhealth		(default: 100)
efa_techshields		(default: 1)   (0 = blocked by enemy shields)
efa_vip10		(default: 0)   (1 = delay)
efa_viparmor		(default: 25)
efa_viphealth		(default: 100)

:: Disintegration ::

efa_imoddis	(default: 0) (0 = Compression Rifle / 1 = IMOD)

:: Action Hero ::

efa_actionheroarmor	(default: 100)
efa_actionherohealth	(default: 300)


** NOTE #1 **

efa_cloak and efa_flight adds 2 new console commands to almost all of the EF game types.
Setting efa_cloak and/or efa_flight to 0 disables them, 1 enables.
Not available in Specialties.

The two new commands are "cloak" and "flight", they can be entered in the console, or binded;

bind x "cloak"
bind x "flight"


bind x "cloak;flight" (replace "x" with a key not used by EF)

"Cloak" makes you invisible. "Flight" gives you a flight pack. While invisible and/or flying,
your health will reduce until both are turned off. If your health goes below 80, the cloak
and flight pack will be disengaged.

"Cloaking" code written by "AssKicka" - www.planetquake.com/code3arena - Tutorial #7.


** NOTE #2 **

This command can restrict which voting command are available if g_allowvote is enabled.

efa_allowvote 0


efa_allowvote 1 (default)


efa_allowvote 2



** NOTE #3 **

Assimilate players who die by:
- MisAdventure
- Water (drowning)
- Slime (corrosion)
- Lava (boiling)
- Crush (compression)
- Falling
- Suicide
- Gun Turret


** NOTE #4 **

"HUD Scoreboard" code written by "HeffX" - www.planetquake.com/code3arena - Tutorial #24.
Use "cg_drawscores 0/1" to disable/enable, or bind "toggle cg_drawscores".
PowerUps will not be displayed on screen when the scoreboard is enabled.

Some of the client changes have come from the "UnLagged" Quake 3 MOD written by "Haste" -

BOT code has been tweaked to make them try a little bit harder.

UI can now show up to a maximum of 1024 maps.

On the "search for servers" page, the "gametype" button can be set to scan for:


Several other client and server problems were fixed with code posted on the
www.quake3world.com forums.


** NOTE #5 **

Setting efa_weaponsmode to a value between 1 and 8 will change all the weapons and ammo on the
map in to your selected choice. The Phaser is replaced by your choice of weapon.

This will not work with Assimilation, Specialties, Disintegration, Action Hero or Hypo For All.

efa_weaponsmode 1 (Compression Rifle)
efa_weaponsmode 2 (I-Mod)
efa_weaponsmode 3 (Scavenger)
efa_weaponsmode 4 (Stasis)
efa_weaponsmode 5 (Grenade)
efa_weaponsmode 6 (Tetryon)
efa_weaponsmode 7 (Photon)
efa_weaponsmode 8 (Arc Welder)

To have just a Phaser fight, set efa_weaponsmode to 0 and efa_noweapons to 1.


** NOTE #6 **

Play Quake3 maps on Elite Force with all the Quake3 Arena and Quake3 Team Arena
items/holdables/powerups/weapons/ammo/health converted to Elite Force items/etc.

efa_quake3maps can be set for either Quake3 Arena (efa_quake3maps 1) or Quake3 Team Arena
(efa_quake3maps 2). Maps that use the same spawn points (like the ThreeWave map packs) for
different games and gametypes will only spawn the one item at that point.

The "Quake3 Maps" button in the UI can only be set to "Off" or "On", with "On" being Quake3
Arena maps only, you'll have to enter efa_quake3maps 2 in the console for Quake3 Team
Arena maps.

You can use efa_weaponsmode with efa_quake3maps for a one weapon game.


** NOTE #7 **

With efa_rpg set to a value between 1-4 the phaser can be replaced, or used with a tricorder
and hypo. All items are removed from the map (weapons, ammo, health, powerups, holdables).

The hypo will not kill players on your own team in THM/CTF.
In FFA, it will heal with main fire and kill with alt fire.

efa_rpg 1 (tricorder)
efa_rpg 2 (tricorder and phaser)
efa_rpg 3 (tricorder and hypo)
efa_rpg 4 (tricorder, hypo and phaser)

Bind the Tricorder and Hypo to keys for easier selection.
  bind [key] "weapon 10" // Hypo
  bind [key] "weapon 13" // Tricorder

This mode will work in any standard gametype, but will only work in one of the g_pMod games,
Elimination, it also won't work if you've got efa_weaponsmode set higher than 0
(default setting is 0), or if efa_hypo is not set to 0 (default setting is 0).

The Tricorder radar can be switched on or off with cg_drawradar 0/1.
 bind [key] "toggle cg_drawradar"

Tricorder radar code written by Jazz - www.telefragged.com/jazz

Radar picture is from the scanner.pk3 made by Haggis - www.captured.com/urban

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