FFA Drydock



This is his first map, and it's not too shabby. I really like the frame of the drydock itself. At first the debris seemed strange, but hey you need something to stand on. It's hard enough to avoid falling off already. My only complaint is that the skybox isn't done right. It doesn't have that skybox feel to it. You can actually see the edges and corners.



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* FFA_Drydock*
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ffa_drydock by Alexraptor

Welcome and thank you for downloading my lattest and greatest mapping achivement!
I hope you enjoy playing!

Extract from the ffa_drydock.zip Ctf_Deralict3.pk3 to your Startrek Voyager Elite Force
BASEEF folder.
Then run EF and bring down the console by pressing the ¬ key next to 1 and type:
/map ctf_deralict3

Then Enjoy.


BY me, i was inspired to make this map when i was watching a episode from StarTrek Voyager, the episode: Relativity, when voyager is in drydock.
Anyway this is my first map i have made for EF and i am quite satisfied of it hehe.
So this map is done by me alone :)
oh yes and i borrowed some stuf from raven's maps to add as debris :)


Map file name: ffa_drydock
Build time: 4
Features: well a federation drydock lol, may be fub to jump around in :)
and there is 1 secret, hehe c if ye can find it lol


Listing in no particular order as they come to mind.

1. [SF]Alexraptor - Developer
2. [SF]Damien - Friend and Clan m8
2. [SFC]Static - Friend

Thank you all for helping make this map posible.

And of Course thanks to the EF Community in general and the people on the Raven Mod board 
and in Elite Role Playing for comments and feedback.

Known bugs:
Some poly's have the tendency to disapear.

* Credits and resouces used *

Map Developers: Alexraptor
Textures: Raven Software
Technology: MR T
Map layout and design: Alexraptor

This map has been tested for anything that may be harmfull to your computer.
if however problems occur i am not to be hold responsible.

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