Fire Temple

Medium-large CTF map, it is a map fill with lava. This is a good map but has some bug like you are not kill when you jump into the lava. Als...


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Medium-large CTF map, it is a map fill with lava. This is a good map but has some bug like you are not kill when you jump into the lava. Also, you can get stick outside of the map. Good luck to come back inside. However, the number of way between the "base" make it a map that you can get a lot of fun of.

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FIRE TEMPLE     Release v1.0

Author:		Chakotay585 ( )
		Aol Instant Messager: Chakotay52585

Date:		May 29, 2001

Recommended Players:	6

	+++++ Preferably a "Capture the Flag" map +++++

Contents:	fire.bsp

Instructions:	Place the .pk3 in your baseef folder and Voila!   :)

Description:	Final Release, hopefully...  Basically this is supposed to be a CTF map 		only, but if you use it otherwise, I have no problem...  It has bot support 		(I think and hope)  And this is the second map I have released, released at 		the same time as "Major 1," my first HM map that I was planning to release.

HM Description:		Capture the Flag...  Team DM...  Death Match....

BUGS:	--  Lava does not kill you quick takes a minute before it kills you.  I 		will not fix this bug...because I am not up to a 30 minute compile for one 		small bug...

	*Please e-mail me with any comments or questions*

"For I dipt into the future, as far as the human eye can see; Saw the vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be..."

----Beta Testers:----

Captainelduke (Elduke)
Power84 (Pumpkin)
se8472 (SE8472)
trek3l16 (Gal Dukat)
Valor (Smith)

Thanks for your help, guys!  :)

---Anyone that tried the pre-release (I doubt many) are not considered Beta Testers... lol---

I/We, will not be held responsible for any damage, costs arisen from damage or loss of data as a result of  the installation or use of the material/ files located in this zip file, as always I recommend using a virus checker on all downloaded material.

This map MAY NOT be decompiled and used as a base map for any other creation, without the written consent of the original authors permission,nor shall this zip file or any files or part thereof, be used for commercial gain in any way, shape or  form.

However if you wish to distribute this map it must contain ALL the original files,that were present during the initial download, and must NOT be altered in any way, shape or form.
It may be distributed in any form.

I reserve the right to modify these files in anyway, at any time, in any place across multiple dimensions,
without warning, because they are mine!

"Star Trek","Voyager" are trademarks of Paramount pictures Inc ©2001.
"Elite Force" is a trademark of Raven Software.
"Fire Temple" ©2001 C.Kanclerowicz (Chakotay585) All Rights  Reserved.

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