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Its back! The Second Release of Fish Story by everyone's favourite Freak Fish! This is the mod where you have to kill your captain and escape into the civilian underworld of Star Trek. At least thats the vague feeling I get from this new version. For a long winded review of the previous version and how NUTS it is, have a click here.

This new release (making very slightly more sense) contains three new levels, taking the story beyond the "escape from Imperials" stage, showing how your character proceeds through an alien shop and bar that seems riddled with bugs, Klingon pirates, and perhaps most bizare: a Reaver / Harvester / Etherian band. "Forge Rockers" would be a good name for them! :p Alright that sucked.

Anyway, after getting through the interior building stage (which contains some very good puzzles, surprisingly), the final level takes place in space with you attempting to defend yourself and your new naval-like ship from pirate Klingons and some Hirogen with pulse disruptors. How are you and the ridgeheads breathing, you might ask? Who knows? Not a lot else about this mod seems to make sense either, but its still great fun. Sadly, after you kill the last hostile, the mission ends... by... um... not ending at all. A "map cannot be found" error appears and thats it. Fin.

Whilst you may find yourself using the Scavenger Rifle more often than not due to an almost endless supply of Klingon ammo, health is once again a problem in some stages. There isn't enough of it, and with the vast numbers of Klingons you face, it can prove difficult to get from heath terminal to health terminal without getting killed. The map design is generally good, but the texture usage is a bit hard on the eyes at times. The voiceovers are as funny as ever, and its obvious that a lot of effort has been put into this. My suggestion to Freak Fish is now to improve what levels are already here: fine tuning them some more slightly in terms of brushes and hostiles. He is already working on a sixth level, and I look forward to it! Generally, however, this is a moderate improvement on the first version.

If you are a fan of the first release, this is the next big thing for you.

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)



The Second Release of Fishstory

Oh yeah, its back baby and its 10 times as slick as the last time!
3 more levels for you to play through as you discover backstreet
alien bars, terrible shopkeeping and liver organisation and probably
the least scary klingon pirates you will ever encountered in your life.
Just keep shooting and smiling :) But please, not the innocent bystanders
in the bar... if you shoot them you will have far more on your plate
than you can handle!

A little tip:

In Deano's Bar, the 'rodent problem' is through the door to the right of 
the bar, not the customers standing at their tables. Once youve killed
them all the mission continues :)


Thanks to the lovely people in the community GTK Radiant is back
up and running and ready for compiling new fishstory maps!

And thats just what i did.

This is the new and improved Fishstory 1.0 -

Levels 1-5 are all included, level 6 is in production now.



Put the .pk3 file in this .zip folder into your 
C:/Program Files/Raven/Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force/BaseEF
folder and open SINGLE PLAYER ELITE FORCE. (the brown icon, not the blue one)

When the game opens press the ` button to open console and type:

map fishstory

do not use a / or it will not work, no commands in SP elite force have
/'s in front of them. Then, just play your way through.


Copyright stuffs:

You can use my maps for whatever you like, filming, 'borrowing' bits, 
disecting it to find out how the NPC's work. Just make sure proper credit is
given when you do so! But i cannot be held responsible for anything that goes
wrong. (However unlikely it may be)


If you have any problems, suggestions for maps or genius ideas
OR you want a level ALL FOR YOURSELF IN FISHSTORY! contact me at:

[email protected]

The more the merrier, start sending me love letters x

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