Future Uniforms (28th Century)



Fresh from Khamseen are the new Future Uniforms for RPG-X. Recently used on the Holo-Federation RP server, these Starfleet uniforms (for pretty much every RP body out there) are for 28th century roleplaying.

After the First Contact/Dominion War era Starfleet uniforms, these bring back the departmental colours in a fashion similar to the early Deep Space Nine jumpsuits, but more streamlined and in my opinion cooler. Whilst I can see that these uniforms won't appeal to everyone, they are worth a test-wear and pretty much essential if you intend to play on the Holo-Federation server.

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)



Future Uniforms
For RPG-X2
By Khamseen

Ok, so I decided that I wanted something that looked a bit more future like to use for my groups SRP and I had never skinned before so after asking a lot about it and trying to read up on tutorials I decided to give it a go.

This set includes the new standard uniforms in my new style (circa 28th century). Colours are also cannon to 28th century, Blue being Command, Red is Ops/Engineering and Green is Sciences. I have however included a Gold and Teal incase people want to use them with 24th century cannon colours.

This pack includes new skins for the standard RPG-X2 characters (the ones designed to have SF uniforms) and also has the TNG crew and the Vulcan pack with one addition of Sisko.

The heads are not included as they are not my property to distribute so you will need to have the Vulcan pack and TNG Crew pack for those ones to work correctly.

Some of the character menus were overloaded with skins so for these to show up in the menu and not just via the console I edited the name folders i.e. Paris is Paris2 for the future uniform set. I'm sure you will figure it out with no problems though.

By now I'm sure you all know how to do this but incase you don't simply unzip the file and copy the file future.pk3 to your BaseEF folder.

If anyone wishes to use or distrubute these skins please ask me first by email at khamseen_airAThotmailDOTcom

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