Galen's lost temple

Galen's lost temple. Another ancient type map. I must say, it's nicely done. An efficient design as 7 of 9 would say. (That means she's i...


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Galen's lost temple. Another ancient type map. I must say, it's nicely done. An efficient design as 7 of 9 would say. (That means she's impressed :P) There is a lot to see, nice models, lightning is good, and BOT support works very well in this map. I enjoyed watching those BOTS slaughter each other to get the flag. Nice ob Galen.

(Try to find all secrets ;) I found 'em al!)

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Download '' (11.58MB)


Simply unzip this file and place gtemple.pk3 into the BaseEF folder of your Elite Force Installation.

C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF


Map Name:  ctf_gtemple
Map Title:  Galen's Temple
Author:  Galen
Created with:  EF Radiant & GTK Radiant
Creation time:  About 2 weeks
Bot support:  Yes
Play modes:  CTF, Single, Free for All (deathmatch), Team Holomatch, and Tournament.


You may distribute this map by any means and to anyone provided that:  1) You do not alter the contents of ctf_gtemple.pk3 or any file therein; 2) You do not charge money for this map, except in cases where ctf_gtemple.pk3 (or any file therein) is placed on a CD and a fee is charged to cover the costs of the CD media.

You may not decompile or otherwise alter this map without my express written permission.  

All textures in the "textures/galen/" folder of the pk3 are created by me.  They may be used in other maps in any way the mapper wishes.  No need to ask my persmission to use my textures, just drop me an e-mail and let me know you're using them in your map, so I can check 'em out!


Don't want to clutter up this already long readme with all the kudos to other people for their stuff .  I have no skill with which to make my own neat things, so I have to steal.  LOL, j/k.  Everyone else's stuff used in this mapped is gathered from free-for-use model and texture sites.  All of the appropriate credit for everything can be found in "Credits.txt" in this zip file.


A very big thank you goes out to all the guys at the Raven Software forums for their ongoing help with all my problems and questions.


Yes, you guessed it...I've finally gone insane from my own ego and have now erected a temple in my honor.  Bow and worship me, pitiful creatures!  Hehe.  Ok, uh, well, at least download the map and enjoy it :)  

Ok, the real reason behind this is that I loved Winnowing Hall so much that I decided to make another ancient type map.  Hope you enjoy it.  I'd like to think that it's one of my best (if not, my absolute best), but then I think that about every map and, hey let's just be honest, some of my maps suck @$$, LOL.  This map is also the largest and most detailed I've ever created and (I think) is probably pushing the boundaries of my ability to make a nice looking and playable level.  And don't forget, as with every map, this one has a secret....or 2...or maybe more.  Mwahahahaha....

Any questions, comments, problems, or whatever, feel free to e-mail me:  [email protected]

 | | |  H a p p y F r a g g i n g !  | | |

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