Gladiator Arena



This one fix the problem related to the last version.

Still, it's a good mod, bug-less this time. :)



 __                                          ________________________  __
(  | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MODIFICATION FILE |________________________||__)
 ) |                           __

                                                 __                    __
                                                (__| THE MODIFICATION |__)
     This modification begins where it ended back on EF 1.10: A
     Last-Man-Standing game with a fast gameplay, higly modifiable
     and with a match mode, where the addition of the points over a
     given number of rounds declares the winner. Now for EF 1.20!
     Last-Man-Standing means: Every player has one life. The goal is
     to survive all the other players.
     Gladiator Arena brings like the name says the Gladiator flavour
     to this type of game: Every player gets one weapon, by which
     he can defeat himself - or be hunted, because other players 
     want that weapon to have more chances to survive! B-)
     The gameplay is increased, the weapons act faster - but this
     don't mean you gonna be fragged easier: The firepower is 
     connected to the amount of players active in the arena. The
     more are playing the less power has a shot. So always have a look
     on how many players are alive and how good your health is...
     And - like in a real Gladiator Arena - the bodies of fragged
     players don't disappear... ;)
     The new version for EF 1.20 brings now teamplay to Gladiator Arena
     and the additional weapons of the borg.
     So with the borg glove for example you can configure a Gladiator
     Game where the players have to get very close to each other to
     get a frag...
     Gladiator Arena does not support Assimilation, Action-Hero and
     Specialties. CTF and 1v1 is also not supported.
     Instagib is supported, no XP needed to join the server.
     Gladiator Arena can handle all maps of the Single Player mode!
     NPC spawn points are converted to regular DM spawn points, all
     doors are unlocked and forcefields are off. If a spawn point 
     did cut off a player from the rest, a emergency transporter is
     available to escape the dead map spot.
     Gladiator Arena is a complete server side modification. You can
     run a server and players can connect without having this mod

                                                        __             __
                                                       (__| THE RULES |__)

     1. Each Player has one live. If you loose it, you're out of the
        game (but only for one round). 
        After loosing your live you stay in as a spectator for the rest
        of the round.
     2. * FFA-Rules for scores:
        The winner is the one, who survived all other players. 
        The players are placed in the scoreboard by their time they 
        survived in one round.
        In match mode after a configurated amount of rounds a second 
        scoreboard with ranking by won rounds come up. The three best
        players of the match are shown on the podium. The Scoreboard
        shows the amount of won rounds of a player.
        * TDM-Rules for scores: 
        The team has lost, that has no players left in the arena. By
        that the opponent team gets the point. The players are ranked
        by their frags they did.
        In match mode, the team with the most won rounds is the 
        winner. The score of each player of each round is added to
        a total. The player with the highest score over all rounds 
        is the MVP of the winning team.
        General match score rules:
        There are no tied matches. The last round of a match will
        be repeated until a winner (player/team) can be named.
     3. You got one weapon by random from the beginning of the game. 
        This will stay your weapon until you pick up a dropped weapon
        of another player who lost his live. Then you can switch.
        There are no weapons and no ammo spawned in a level!
        Your ammo is unlimited.
        What weapons are available and how they are given away can
        be configured. Look into the variables section of this readme
        to learn how this works.
     4. It is not allowed to join a running round. Rejoining from the 
        spectators is not possible and connecting players while a running
        round will first join the spectators.

                                                      __               __
                                                     (__| THE DISPLAY |__)
    FFA - Match off:
        - Amount of outlived players until a player did die.
        - Amount of players alive
    FFA - Match on
        - Amount of won rounds of a player
        - Amount of won rounds of the two best players
        - Amount of won rounds of a player
    TDM - Match off:
        - Scores by frags
        - Amount of players alive of each team

        - Best player by frags of winning team
    TDM - Match on:
        - Scores by frags

        - Amount of won rounds of each team
        - Best player by frags of winning team
        - Scores by frags over all rounds

        - Best player by frags over all rounds of winning team
                                                    __                 __
                                                   (__| CHANGED STUFF |__)

     * The damage done by weaponfire belongs to how  many players are in 
       the game. The more players are in active the less damage weaponfire
     * The pauses between each shot of a weapon are reduced.
     * The borg weapons are available as regular weapons.
     * Phasers are dropable.
     * Tripwires of Grenade Launcher can be activated, they are on by 
       default. In this mode a launched mine has a sensor wire that
       let explode the mine on contact. Only 10 mines are active at 
       one time for one player.
     * Arc Welder has less power, its alternative shot moves slower.
     * Main shots of Borg and Stasis-Weapon moves faster.

     * Before a game starts a warmup is done, which explains in a very 
       short way the rules of this modification. This warmup will come up 
       only when a new player had joined the game.
       If no new player had joined, there will be only a short warmup 
       every round to ensure that all players are reconnected when the game
     * While warmup players can fly around the map and have no weapon.

     * A player after loosing his live will immidiatly join the spectators.
     * No body will be "beamed off". A dead body stays in the level until 
       it is restarted.
     * The holointro is off.
     * There is no fraglimit.  
     * A reached timelimit will restart a round.
     * With each frag a message tells how many players in general (FFA) or
       of the fragged players team (TDM) are left.
     * Computer messages for alive players on a frag.
     * Computer message on setting a Detpack and destroying it.
     * Music on last two alive players who fight for the victory.
     * Holdables (like Detpack or Transporter) are dropped of a fragged
     * The speed (g_speed) of the player movement cannot be set to a
       lower value than 300. By this players should move fast enough to
       escape from shots.
     * Full support for all single player maps!
       - Escape transporter are available for players spawned in an area of a
         SP map, that has cut the player off the rest. The transporter is 
         available by the console command "escape". Only every minute this
         transporter is available.
       - Door sounds are taken ambiente specific to the map type (Voyager,
         Borg, Forge etc.)
       - Health items are spawned.

     * CTF server run as TDM server. 1v1 server run as FFA server.
     * New server variables to configure Gladiator Arena
     * New server commands for match controlling: "match_restart", "nextmatch"
       and "matchrounds" - available for voting.
     * New server commands for weapon controlling: "weapons", "ammomode", 
       "weapongiveaway", "firemode", "instagib"
     * Optional simple vote for public servers: Players can only vote for a
       new map.
     * Callvote for match_restart, nextmatch, matchrounds, g_speed.
     * If a new map is loaded by vote, the current running round (game) of 
       a match is restarted. 
     * Empty names are not allowed (like "^2  "), players are named "John Doe"
     * Players with a ping of 999 get kicked after one minute.
     * Bot-AI:
       - bugfix: Weapon specific botproperties reactivated
       - Bot AI more aggressive
       - DM Bot AI for assimilator and borg weapon

                                __                                     __
                               (__| KNOWN BUGS OR CRITICAL BEHAVIOURS |__)
    These issues here will be corrected in the following releases of
    Gladiator Arena:                           
    * Connecting clients join a round after a map restart with a ping
      of 999, even the connect isn't finished (Bug of EF 1.20).
    * A match can end with tied players if the match winner leaves the
      server or goes to spectators while the scoreboard of the last 
    * There is no first person spectator in "Elimination" mode (caused by
      "Elimination" code of EF 1.20).
    * Bots don't move proberly with jetpacks while warmup sequence.
    * Sometimes the winning Gladiator gets killed by a detpack, but still
      is called "survivor".
    * In One Player mode the after match menu don't appear, where you
      can decide to replay the current map or switch to another one.
    * The rewards of the last round are repeated on the matchs scoreboard.
    * Computer messages can overlay each other.
    * Tied message if teams have same scores, even one team survived the
    * Specialities and 1v1 are not supported.

                                                             __        __
                                                            (__| TIPS |__)
    1. To prevent the ugly EF 1.20 item pickup sound effect, where you
       hear the pickup sound many times instead only one time, set the
       item pickup prediction off. You can do this by setting a variable
       via the console:
       /set cg_predictitems 0
       Now you will only hear the pickup sound always once a time, as it
       is supposed to be.
       This is a bug of the client, where the pickup sound is restarted
       every frame (nearly 20 frames per second) as long as the item isn't
       removed (stated "picked up by a player") by the server system. If
       a player has a ping of 200, the pickup sound is restarted for
       400 ms until the picked up item dissappears from the map. This is
       an ugly bug of the item pickup prediction system of EF 1.20, which
       cannot corrected server side only.
                                                  __                   __
                                                 (__| SERVER COMMANDS |__)
       > Resets all scores to 0
       > The match begins with round 1.

       > Resets all scores to 0
       > The next map is loaded
       > The match begins with round 1

     matchrounds <n>
       > Sets a new amount of rounds to a match
       > Resets all scores
       > The match begins with round 1
       > Without any parameter an information about a running match
         is printed

     instagib [yes|no]
       > Sets instagib mode on/off
       > Restarts map or match
           To set Instagib on:
             "instagib yes"
           To switch Instagib on or off:

     weapons <weapon-ids>
       > Sets the available weapons
         <weapon-ids>: Weapon-IDs in an array, see Appendix
           To set the IMod, Compression Rifle and the Stasis:
             "weapons IRS"
           To set only the Borg Assimilator:
             "weapons A"
           To set the default configuration (all weapons without Phaser and 
     ammomode <weapon-ids> <mode>
       > Sets the ammo handling mode of weapons
         <weapon-ids>:  Weapon-IDs in an array, see Appendix
         <mode>:  "unlimited" - Weapon has unlimited ammo
                  "cooloff"   - Ammo decreases to 0, and refreshes while
                                weapon is not used.
           Ammo mode of Quantum Burst and Dreadnought to cool-off mode:
             "ammomode QD cooloff"
           Ammo mode of IMod to unlimited ammo:
             "ammomode I unlimited"
     firemode <weapon-ids> <mode>
       > Sets the fire mode of weapons
         <weapon-ids>:  Weapon-IDs in an array, see Appendix
         <mode>:  "both"  - Weapon has both fire modes
                  "main"  - Only main fire
                  "alt"   - Only alternative fire
           Compression Rifle and IMod have only alternative fire:
             "firemode RI alt"
           Quantum Burst has only main fire:
             "firemode Q main"
           Borg Weapon and Phaser have both fire modes:
             "firemode BP both"
     weapongiveaway <mode>
       > Sets how the weapons are given
         <mode>:  "random" - randomly
                  "cycle"  - first weapon by random, then cylced so 
                             everyone gets mostly a different one
                  "one"    - one weapon by random that every player
           Every player gets the same weapon, randomly choiced:
             "weapongiveaway one"

       * These are the IDs of a weapon as parameter:
           P - Phaser
           R - Compression Rifle
           I - Imod
           C - Scavenger Rifle
           S - Stasis
           G - Grenade Launcher
           T - Tetrion Disruptor
           Q - Quantum Burst
           D - Dreadnought
           A - Borg Assimilator (glove)
           B - Borg Weapon
                                                  __                   __
                                                 (__| PLAYER COMMANDS |__)
     (only available in SP maps!)
       > Gives a transporter to the player to escape a deadly area of
         a SP map

                                                 __                    __
                                                (__| SERVER VARIABLES |__)

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_NoOfGamesPerMatch 
            Values:  "0" / "1" / ...
            Default: "0"

            This variable sets the amount of rounds that one 
            tournament match will include. If the value is more 
            than 0 (zero), three things will change:
            1. In  Warmup  you  will  see  instead  of 
               "let the game begin" the message:
               "let game x of y begin"  where x is the actual 
               round and y the total amount of rounds to play 
               before ranking is done.
            2. After the last round a second scoreboard comes up
               where all players are ranked by their won rounds. 
               The three first players are placed on podiums.
               After that all scores are deleted.
            3. Before the first round of the next match the 
               "nextmap" command is executed so map-cycling is
               available in this mode.
            4. If there is no winner after the last round it
               is replayed until a winner can be named.
            !!! Can also be set by server command "matchrounds".

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_Instagib
            Values:  "Y" / "1" / "N" / "0"
            Default: "0"
            Turns on/off Instagib mode.

            "Y" / "1" - Instagib on
            "N" / "0" - Instagib off
            !!! Can also be set by server command "instagib".

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_WeaponAvailableFlags
            Values:  "NNNNNNNNNNNN" ... "YYYYYYYYYNYY"
            Default: "NYYYYYYYYNNY"
            !!! Not available in Instagib-Mode

            This describes the weapons  available  for
            the g_mod_WeaponGiveAwayMode.
            'Y'/'1' -> Weapon is available
            'N'/'0' -> Weapon is not available
            Every character in this string stands for
            a weapon in the following order:
           	1. Phaser
           	2. Compression Rifle
           	3. I-Mod
           	4. Scavenger Rifle
           	5. Stasis
           	6. Grenade Launcher
           	7. Tetrion Disruptor
           	8. Quantum Burst
           	9. Dreadnought
           	10. Hypospray (not available)
           	11. Borg Assimilator (glove)
           	12. Borg Weapon
            * Only C.-Rifle, I-Mod and Launcher:
            seta g_mod_WeaponAvailableFlags "NYYNNYNNNNNN"
            !!! Can also be set by server command "weapons".

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_WeaponFireFlags
            Values:  "000000000000" ... "222222222022"
            Default: "000000000000"
            !!! Not available in Instagib-Mode

            This describes the firemode available for each weapon.
            '0' -> Both fire modes
            '1' -> Only main fire
            '2' -> Only alternative fire
            Every character in this string stands for a weapon in 
            the following order:
           	1. Phaser
           	2. Compression Rifle
           	3. Imod
           	4. Scavenger Rifle
           	5. Stasis
           	6. Grenade Launcher
           	7. Tetrion Disruptor
           	8. Quantum Burst
           	9. Dreadnought
           	10. Hypospray (not available)
           	11. Borg Assimilator (glove)
           	12. Borg Weapon
            * Only alternative for Stasis and Dreadnought:
            seta g_mod_WeaponFireFlags "000020002000"
            * Only normal for C.-Rifle Sc.-Rifle, and Burst
              only alternative for I-Mod and Stasis:
            seta g_mod_WeaponFireFlags "012120010000"
            !!! Can also be set by server command "firemode".

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_WeaponGiveAwayMode
            Values:  "0" / "1" / "2"
            Default: "0"
            !!! Not available in Instagib-Mode
            ! This works together with:

            Value "0": Weapons are given by random choice
            Value "1": The same weapon is given by random choice
                       to all players. By that the weapons change
                       for every round but stay the same for all
            Value "2": Weapon are given in a cycle, so that every 
                       player gets another one. The first weapon 
                       given is selected by random choice.
            !!! Can also be set by server command "weapongiveaway".

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_WeaponAmmoMode
            Values:  "000000000000" ... "222222222022"
            Default: "000000000000"            
            !!! Not available in Instagib-Mode
            This describes how the ammo is handled for each weapon:
            Value "0": The ammo is unlimited and fully available
            Value "1": The ammo is unlimited but every weapon
                       needs a recharge-time like the Phaser. Now
                       players cannot fire for an unlimited time.

            Every character in this string stands for a weapon in 
            the following order:
           	1. Phaser
           	2. Compression Rifle
           	3. Imod
           	4. Scavenger Rifle
           	5. Stasis
           	6. Grenade Launcher
           	7. Tetrion Disruptor
           	8. Quantum Burst
           	9. Dreadnought
           	10. Hypospray (not available)
           	11. Borg Assimilator (glove)
           	12. Borg Weapon
            !!! Can also be set by server command "ammomode".
          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_WeaponFireMode
            - disabled

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_WeaponDamageMode
            - disabled

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_HealthAvailableFlag
            Values:  "Y" / "1" / "N" / "0"
            Default: "Y"
            !!! Not available in Instagib-Mode
            Value "Y" / "1": Health pickups will be spawned in a map.
            Value "N" / "0": No health pickups are spawned.

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_PowerupsAvailableFlags
            Values:  "NNNNNNNNNNNNNN" ... "YYYYYYYYYYYYYY" 
            Default: "YYYYYYYYYYYYYY"
            Here now can be decided which powerups will be avail-
            able as pickups in a map.
            'Y'/'1' -> Powerup is available
            'N'/'0' -> Powerup is not available

            Every character in this string stands for a powerup in
            the following order:

           	 1. Quad
           	 2. Battlesuit
           	 3. Haste
           	 4. Invisible
           	 5. Regenerator
           	 6. Flight
           	 7. Seeker
           	 8. Redflag
           	 9. Blueflag 
           	10. Ouch     
           	11. Disintegrate
           	12. Ghost
           	13. Explode
           	14. Arcwelder Disintigrator

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_HoldableAvailableFlags
            Values:  "NNNNN" ... "YYYYY" 
            Default: "YYYYY"
            Here now can be decided which holdables will be avail-
            able as pickups in a map.
            'Y'/'1' -> Holdable is available
            'N'/'0' -> Holdable is not available

            Every character in this string stands for a holdable in
            the following order:

           	1. Transporter
           	2. Medkit
           	3. Detpack
           	4. Shield
           	5. Decoy

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_ArmorAvailableFlag
            Values:  "Y" / "1" / "N" / "0"
            Default: "Y"
            !!! Not available in Instagib-Mode
            Value "Y" / "1": Armor pickups will be spawned in a map.
            Value "N" / "0" : No armor pickups are spawned.
          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_SimpleWarmup
            Values:  "Y" / "1" / "N" / "0"
            Default: "N"
            Value "Y" / "1" : Always short warmup of 8 seconds
            Value "N" / "0" : Complete Warmup of 30 seconds with 
                              simple mod rules on new players and
                              nextmatch / new map
          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_PlayWelcomeMessage
            Values:  "Y" / "1" / "N" / "0"
            Default: "Y"
            Value "Y" / "1" : A cool taunt is played on the 
                              beginning of a game.
            Value "N" / "0" : No taunt played.
          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_PlayComputerMessages
            Values:  "Y" / "1" / "N" / "0"
            Default: "Y"
            Value "Y" / "1" : The computer announces the amount
                              of alive players on each frag.
            Value "N" / "0" : No announcement done.
          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_PlayCountdownMusic
            Values:  "Y" / "1" / "N" / "0"
            Default: "Y"
            Value "Y" / "1" : If only two players are left in the
                              arena, a music is played.
            Value "N" / "0" : No music is played.
          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_UseTripwiresMode
            Values:  "0" / "1" / "2" / "3"
            Default: "1"
            !!! Not available in Instagib-Mode

            Decides, how the Tripwire-Mode for the Grenade Launcher is 
            activated in the Arena. On activated Tripwire mode the 
            launched mine of the alternative shot explode on contact 
            with its sensor wire.

            Value "0": No Tripwires are used, the Grenade Launcher
                       has its regular alternative shot.
            Value "1": The alternativ shot launches grenades with 
            Value "2": Tripwire Grenades of the Launcher are
                       activated by random choice.
            Value "3": Tripwire Grenades are switched on every
                       second round.

                                                   __                  __
                                                  (__| HOW TO INSTALL |__)
     * First of all: You need the installed Patch 1.20 or the Expansion
       Pack. This won't work with EF 0.28, EF 1.10!

     * Extract the ZIP-File contents with full pathnames into your 
       Elite-Force basefolder - like "C:\STVOY".
       After that you should have a folder named "gladiator" and a batch
       file named RUNGLAD.BAT (and this readme).
     * There a three ways to run this modification:
       1. Start Elite Force Holomatch as usual and activate the modifi-
          cation in the MOD list.
          The entry is called "Gladiator Arena vn.n.n", where "n.n.n"
          is the current version of this modification.
          Please be aware: Since this is a complete server side modification,
          you will only recordnize Gladiator Arena if you start a game, the
          menus won't change after activating Gladiator Arena!

       2. Run Elite Force Holomatch from the command prompt by typing:
          "stvoyhm +set fs_game gladiator"
       3. ...or just by the installed batch file:

                                                           __          __
                                                          (__| HISTORY|__)

        15.06.2002 VIII.I.I
        * Bug Fixes:
          - No map restart on only one or no active players while
            warmup. This has caused a internal loop after a map load
            sometimes so the server was out.
        08.06.2002 VIII.I.0
        * New features:
          - Tripwires of Specialities for Grenade Launcher activated
          - A taunt message on every map start
          - The computer counts the players alive on each frag.
          - Computer message "Warpcore breach imminent" on placing a
            detpack, message "Breach prevented" on destroying it
          - music when the last two players fight to be the survivor
          - Holdables of a fragged player are dropped (like the
            Detpack or the Transporter)
          - Players with empty names (like "^3  ") are renamed to
            "John Doe"
        * Changed features:
          - Weapon power of Arc Welder (Dreadnought) reduced by 40%
          - Arc Welder alternative shot moves slower
          - Main shot missiles of Borg and Stasis Weapons fly faster now
          - Server command "matchrounds" without any parameter gives
            an information about a running match
          - g_speed minimum value is 300
        * Fixed bugs:
          - Counting of alive players didn't worked properly if two
            or more players died in a timeframe of one second.
        * New CVars
          - g_mod_PlayWelcomeMessage
          - g_mod_PlayComputerMessages
          - g_mod_PlayCountdownMusic
          - g_mod_UseTripwiresMode

        25.05.2002 VIII.0.0
        * Completly reprogrammed
        * New features:
          - !!! Version for EF 1.20 - all other versions run only under 
            EF 1.10 and EF 0.28!
          - TDM
          - Matchmode for TDM
          - Instagib-Mode
          - Full SP map support
            > NPC spawn points converted to DM spawn points
            > No Forcefields
            > Doors unlocked
            > Doorsounds map specific
            > Hypo-Health items spawned
          - Escape Transporter for SP maps (player command "escape")
          - Borg weapons
          - Server commands:
            > match_restart
            > nextmatch
            > matchrounds <n>
            > instagib
            > weapons
            > ammomode
            > weapongiveaway
            > firemode
          - Simple Vote for public servers (maps only)
          - CTF is now TDM / 1v1 is now FFA
          - bugfix: bot_minpayer handling
          - Bot AI for borg weapons, more aggressive, bugfix weaponprop.

        * Deleted features:
          - Most variables are not available to vote anymore (they weren't

        * Cosmetics:
          - Message "<n> Gladiator of team <x> left" in TDM mode
          - Different scoreviews for gametypes/match
          - Hint-Message in SP maps for the "escape" command
          - Jetpacks and Hypo while warmup
        12.04.2001 V2.01

        * Removed bugs:
          - No falling damage in Instagib-Mode
          - g_mod_WeaponAmmoMode votable

        08.04.2001 V2.0

        * Cosmetics:
          - "let the game begin" message also at short warmup
          - MOD-Welcome-Message at map load (if no map message is set)

        * New features:
          - Weapons (damage/firemodes/firetimes) configurable
            (see variables)
          - Tournament (Match) Mode with special scoreboard
          - Map-Cycling
          - g_speed votable
          - Modification vars votable
          - Instagib-Mode (see variables)
          - Powerups/Holdables/Health-Pickups switchable (see variables)
          - Recharge-Mode for all weapons (equal to Phaser) 
            (see variables)
          - Server vars:

        * Deleted features:
          - Server vars:

        18.03.2001 V1.6

        * Bugfixes:
          - No "tied for lead" message at the scoreboard anymore
        * Cosmetics:
          - Mod.-"Welcome" Message only for the first time after client 
            has connected
          - Connected players while a game are always listed at the bottom
            of the scoreboard
          - No "... entered the game" message
          - At warmup players always get the phaser

        * New features:
          - Now configurable by server variables

       09.03.2001 V1.5
       * Bugfixes:
         - The last player cannot die anymore and join the intermission 
           as spectator (and stay in this mode until the next game is 
         - The  computer messages "You have taken/lost the lead." do not
           come up anymore while a game.
         - If only bots are left on a server their scores are reset to 
         - At the scoreboard  the bots won't come up with their winning
           chat  message even if they had lost a game.
         - At the scoreboard the time of spectators and connected players 
           while a game won't be listed.

       * Cosmetics:
         - At warmup players always get the compr. rifle.
         - A weapon lost by a player won't disappear anymore. It will stay
           until picked up.
         - Warmup time is a few seconds shorter now.
         - MOD-Infos are showen by server vars.
         - MOD folder is renamed from "ffa_gladiator" to "gladiator" for 
         better viewing in the server list.

       24.02.2001 V1.0
       * First release...

                                                           __           __
                                                          (__| CONTACT |__)
       Well, I hope you like this little modification. If you have
       suggestions  or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to contact
       me via this email address:
       [email protected]
       The newest version can be downloaded from this homepage:
       A big "Thank you!" goes to the {MAC} Clan who always had run
       a Gladiator Arena server under EF 1.10 and which had the idea
       and the wish for a Gladiator Arena under EF 1.20. I did this for
       you guys! :)

 __  _______________________________                                   __
(__||_______________________________| PROGRAMMED BY LT. CMDR. SALINGA |__)

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