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Here is a new modification from Der Christ Ian, as he makes his EFFiles debut, that will spruce up the look of your regular Elite Force gam...


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Here is a new modification from Der Christ Ian, as he makes his EFFiles debut, that will spruce up the look of your regular Elite Force game. This download will replace the stock uniforms and weapons so that everything appears more 'modern'. The first thing you will notice is the uniforms, they now take on the look of either terrorists, or Elite troops; You will also find a change in the many weapons found in-game.

  • Some changes found in this download include:
  • New helmets
  • New uniforms
  • New Weapons
    • Stasis Weapon
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Compression Rifle
  • New transporter effects
  • New textures and colours
  • And more!

Some weapons have been changed to resemble those found in [/i]Stargate[/i], while others have a more conventional look. Definately a must have for those that want, and enjoy a different feel for the game.

Refer to the readme for more information including credits.

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Download '' (6.12MB)

Hello Guys,

I am Der Christ Ian and this is my first mod. It replaces the normal and (how I think) boring Hazard Uniforms by some modern clothes, looking like terrorists or modern Elite Troops. The uniforms of the normal crewmen look like admirals' uniforms. Unfortunatly, I couldn't find cool clothes for the female Hazard Team. So I only took a skin of Laz Rojas, changing the colour of the uniform from red to black.
I took the weapons of other modders to make the inventory look modern. all in all youcan say that I only put together some mods to create a big new mod.

Ingame changes:

1. New Weapons
		-phaser			Zat'nik'tel (from Star Gate)
		-compression rifle	Glock 29
		-Scav Rifle		P 90
		-Stasis Weapon		well, it looks like a shotgun
		-tpd			P 90, ass well, but bigger
		-Dreadn. Weapon	Flamethrower
		-Photon Burst		Glider Canon (from Star Gate)
		-Grenade Launcher	Goa'uld shock grenade (from Star gate)
		-I Mod			Sorry, I don't know what it is, but it looks good

2. some new textures and colours, esp. in the transporter room

3. New uniforms

4. New helmets

5. New sounds

6. New transporter effects

Installation: Put the pk3 into the Elite force BaseEF folder and run the game. If you want to play the traditional Elite Force, just remove the pk3 from your BaseEF folder.

Known bugs:
Some of the faces under the masks look quite strange, eg. right eye on the left side. Please don't ask me why. 
The guys in teamplay in the holomatch dont have the cool uniform. But in normal single player, it should be ok.
Uniform of Torres and Janeway still look voyager style

I hope you will enjoy this modification

Thanks to: Laz Rojas, DJ KryptiK, Omega1989, Chris Edmund and the guy who created the Sam fisher Skin (can't find your name, sorry) 	:)

Der Christ Ian		(if ou want to use the mod for your own one, you are free to do it.)

If you want to contact me:

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