Hampton Roads

This map looks like it was his first attempt at mapping nothing much to then thats its a beginners map nothing special and its just a map u...


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This map looks like it was his first attempt at mapping nothing much to then thats its a beginners map nothing special and its just a map u have in ure baseef to make ure collection complete i wouldent recommend downloading it if ure on a low connection because its not worth it

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Download 'hamptonroads.zip' (2.32MB)

Auther: Michael Matthews
Email: trebor@alaska.com
Date: 6-16-2003
Map name: Hampton_Roads
Map type: ffa, tdm, ctf
Description: This map was made as a memorial to the Battle at Hampton Roads 
             during the Civil War. Basically I have built the to ships that 
             were in the battle, the USS Moniter and the CSS Virgina. 
             There was more to the real ships than this but I decided not to 
             do any of that because my computer was already lagged up enough. 
             But I put quite a lot of work into certain things in the map 
             like the cannons. It took me an hour to build the original 
             cannon then another hour to copy paste it wherever it was 
             needed. Enjoy.

Bot support: Yes
Installation: 1)Download.
              2)Unzip to your Elite Force\BaseEF folder.
              3)Play Elite Force and enjoy.

Map editor:               EFRadiant
.bsp compiler:            Q3MAP.exe
PK3 creator:              PakScape
.arena file creator:      Arena Generator 
Building time:            A month and a half because of school and other 
                          obstacles. One of which was worrying about getting 
                          my map out into public before Elite Force 2 came 
                          out. Hehehe.
Compile time:             5 days. Yes literally.
Known bugs:               The lighting is kind of lousy because the BSP did not work                           right. One of the cannons on the more obvious ship has 
                          some two small round things behind it. I dont know 
                          about any other bugs. I could not fix because it is 
                          invisible on my mapping program.    
                          If you find any other bugs please tell me because 
                          I am going to convert this map to Elite Force 2 and 
                          I obviously want to know what I need to fix. Thank 


My friend Phillip and his family for play testing my map.

Other Credits:

Raven Software for creating Elite Force.

Paramount Pictures for creating Star Trek Voyager.

I will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data as a result of
the installation or use of the files located in this zip file, as always I 
recommend using a virus checker on all downloaded material. This map MAY NOT be
decompiled and used as a base map for any other creation, without the written 
consent of the original authors permission,nor shall any part of this zip be used
for commercial gain. However if you wish to distribute this map it must contain 
ALL the original files,that were present during the initial download, and must
not be altered in any way shape or form.

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