Hazard Station Alpha

A pretty good map, its a CTF space map with two small bases. There is low gravity which fits the atmosphere (or lack of :D) and jumpads help...


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A pretty good map, its a CTF space map with two small bases. There is low gravity which fits the atmosphere (or lack of :D) and jumpads help to get around. I like these kinda maps, also reminds me of the quake 3 style. It also has bot support. Great work Haz-Mat.

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Download 'hsa.zip' (1.47MB)

Hazard Station Alpha

This is my fourth publicly released map.  As implied by the title, I will eventually be making a series of similar maps this obviously being the first.

When I first started making maps I swore to myself that I wouldn't make any "space" maps.  Well, after way too many failed attempts at trying to get other ideas to work out, I decided to give it a go.  I will continue to focus on making maps that are a bit more different than the typical ones that other map designers make.  Not that there is anything wrong with others, just would like to see more things other than sci-fi related.

Simply place the hsa.pk3 file in your BaseEF folder.

File Info:
This map was mainly designed for use in (low gravity) CTF but may also be used for FFA.  The recommended number of players on this map is up to 16 (e.g.8v8).

Before anyone asks, no, there is no "secret room."  I wanted to keep the map fairly simple.  A later map in the series will probably include one.

This particular map, originally, only took a couple of days to create.  The main station/base area was actually from another map I was working on but then later scrapped.  The base areas are a bit cramped but then that is part of the design in this particular map.  I may use a similar structure in a map later in the series.  We'll just have to see how things develop.

Also note that due to feedback on my first two maps, I have included bot support for this map.  

After some feedback (thanks MB) from the initial design, I added the raised platforms to the central area.  I also noticed after playing the map a few times, the rail on the arms from each base were just a bit low so I went back in and added some clip brushes to make it a bit tougher to accidentally run off or get bumped off those areas (but it is still possible so watch your step).

I also went back a third time and englarged the floor to the base areas and corrected a couple brushes.  

Again, feedback on this map will determine others in the series.  

If you find any major problems (consistantly getting hung up on an object, graphical wiggage, etc.) please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]  


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