Hazard Team War Zone

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You can use this in FFA or Team Holomatch, but it's more 1v1 because it's not very big. It's a gladiator-style arena, and it has bot support, so it's great for just standing in the middle and blowing bots away.



Hazard Team War Zone Holomach Map.

This map is for use on Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force holomach, (And may work on any other game based on Quake III arena)

This map includes:
 -Bot Support
 -New Textures

To install on your computer:-

Unzip the .pk3 to your baseef folder in your elite force instalation folder.

If you cant do this, just see the how to load a custom map section on www.effiles.com


What this map is about:-

I Got the idea for this map while flicking thrugh tv channels. I Saw gladiators on TV and thaught that an arena type place,
with an obstical in the center, and a crowd, would be cool.

A Few days later, (I had just started this map) I found an old tape of wwf wrestleing. I dont wach it now, but, i liked the
stage design and i used a simmiler idea for this map.

This map consists of a main arena, with the ability to go backstage, into a long service tunnel. This alone is boring, but
in the center of the main arena is a green pit, with a bridge going across. Becarefull, fall down and its a long trip down
a sevice tunnel for you! There is also a small tunnel embeded in the audence (I got that idea from that wwf tape) which
i suppose would have been used to let the audience in. Anyway, go thrugh there and you will find weapons and a transporter.

There are other things to explore to.



Thanks and greets go out too Pee Wee and Chris Lucas for insparation in this map.

Copyright (c) fileTrekker.
This file may be given FREELY with my name intact.

Thanks for downloading this map :-)

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