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An updated version of my Hazsucks Mod, which replaces the Hazard uniforms with the regular Voyager ones.

I was planning to do a v2.0 but...


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An updated version of my Hazsucks Mod, which replaces the Hazard uniforms with the regular Voyager ones.

I was planning to do a v2.0 but it's taking longer than I had hoped, so I decided to release a v1.2 with what's been done so far.

This version fixes all the bugs in the previous version, and includes an optional PK3 file to change the character's uniform to Voyager also, so that you aren't wearing a Hazard suit when you look in the mirror or go to third person view. However, if you installation of EF is corrupt, which is very possible considering how easily EF corrupts itself, then it won't work.

This mod really pushes EF to the limit, so please don't complain it doesn't work. It may not work for you, but it does work for others.

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Download 'hazsucks1_2.zip' (4.23MB)

Elite Force Single Player HazReg MOD v1.2
By Scooter <email_Scott@Yahoo.com> and Laz Rojas <filmman@earthlink.net>

This is my most ambitious attempt at modding. I don't like the hazard uniforms.
I apologize to anyone who does. This mod puts the hazard team in regular
uniforms, as well as keeps Tuvok and Seven out of hazard uniforms. The
department colors are 100% accurate. I took them from the locker room on deck 4.

This version includes an optional addon that will put the character in Voyager
uniform as well, so that when you look in the mirror you won't see yourself
in a Hazard uniform, and you'll be wearing a Voyager uniform in third-person
view. Munro will also be wearing a Voyager uniform in the single player main
menu. This addon may not work for you if your installation of EF is corrupt,
and all of the Hazard team will be wearing red Voyager uniforms. If that is
the case, you can reinstall EF, or delete zhazsucksoptional.pk3 from your
baseef folder. I've given two options because this portion of it is slightly
unstable to begin with. On my installation of EF, the character's collar flashes
between VOY and Haz. Blame it on Raven.

Put zhazsucks.pk3 and zhazsucksoptional.pk3 in your baseef folder, just like every other MOD and map.

Don't ask me how to install this. The instructions are two lines above this one.
I'm tired of answering email from stupid people who can't follow instructions.
It won't show up in the mods menu because it works automatically.
I'm assuming your intelligent enough to know that you run the single player game, as this is a single player mod.

Special thanks to Laz Rojas for his HazReg collection and the bio pics he made especially for this mod!

What's New:
(v1.2) Updated head models, new bio pics, quick-fixed the nobadge bug and
       standing-in-bench bug, and an optional addon to improve third-person view.
(v1.1) Click on "Crew Members" in the Single Player main menu and see the new bio pics for the Hazard Teams.
(v1.1) Fixed the bug with Seven of Nine where her arms were missing and she had no commbadge.

Laz Rojas - for the head textures, models, and bio pics
Scooter   - for the grunt work

Known Bugs (besides the one mentioned above): 
 Chell is resting his arm on nothing in voy5 and voy9, but at least he's sitting down now.
 Jaworski's hands are inside the bench in voy15, but at least he's sitting down now.

If the NPCs are still wearing Hazard suits in Virtual Voyager, that means your copy of EF is corrupt and you have to reinstall EF.

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