Heaven Arena

This map was designed by Heaven-=?=-divine© (Mapper) and THEDUDE (Designer)

There is no bot support.

Couple of hidden...


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This map was designed by [Vampire]Heaven-=?=-divine© (Mapper) and THEDUDE (Designer)

There is no bot support.

Couple of hidden secrets in this so start searching.

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Download 'ctf_heavenarena.zip' (5.93MB)

A Heaven-=?=-Divine Production -- CTF_HEAVENARENA


The map is capture the flag and does not support bots, its my seccond map i have made since -=?=-meetingroom so i hope you like it!
The map has 2 hidden secrets in it, im obviously not going to tell u where they are, hehe, ill let you struggle!! It took me 4 hours to make.


The Background Music is the theme off the matrix, i thought it went well in the sceen of the map!


The only things wrong with the map is that you can fall off the side of the arena and some textures overlap causing a flicker but you shouldnt notice it.


[Vampire]Heaven-=?=-divine© (Mapper) and THEDUDE (Designer)


Heaven Divine:-
E-mail: [email protected]
Msn: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]
Msn: [email protected]

I hope your looking forward to future productions!!!.... Enjoy ;-}

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