Heretic is map set in a Egyption themed tomb (of sorts). Which definitely comes through as you just can't help but think you're being chased...


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Heretic is map set in a Egyption themed tomb (of sorts). Which definitely comes through as you just can't help but think you're being chased by a mummy while in the map ;)

The map offers many routes and rooms to explore. If you keep a good lookout, you'll find secret doors as well as nasty traps! The feeling of being inside a massive underground tomb is hard to dismiss. The lighting is really nicely done. It's nice and soft and is used effectively to bring a great deal of colour to an otherwise monotonous map.

I have no major issues with this map.. other than a few unseen faces didn't have caulk on them. I suppose the area usage of the map might be a bit of a problem. The map is certainly quite big, as in it covers a lot of space but not enough 'content' to properly fill it. You may find yourself wandering alone for some time before finding another 'lost soul' ;)

For Kirkfat's second map, this is a great achievement! The lovely lighting and intertwining routes are some key features of this map.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No

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Download '' (2.72MB)

Thank you for downloading Kirkfat's Heretic Ruins

Alias:	 Kirkfat

Unzip the enclosed file "kf_hereticruins.pk3" and place it into the /baseEF folder located
in your Star Trek Voyager Elite Force game folder. This map is designed for use with Star Trek
Voyager Elite Force.

---MAP INFO---
Title:			Heretic 
Filename:		Heretic.pk3

Theme/decor:		Egypt
Bot support (aas):	yes
Recommended players:	Optimal for 4 - 12 Players (Human or bots)
pk3-File contains:	.aas, .bsp, .arena, .shader, textures, .readme file, .MP3.

Holomatch (Deathmatch):		Yes
Team Holomatch (TEAM DM):	Yes
Capture the Flag:		No

Weapons included:	All
Powerups:		All, 

Don't hesitate to send me feedback! and please tell me if you reviewed it or put it on a server.


Texture Thanks
 Sock for Egypt textures (
 Q for modified textures of Sock/Egypt (
MD3 Thanks
 Todd Gantzler to make Egypt md3 (

Also thanks go out to all the great folks at [mac]-gladiator: Keysaw, Firespy, Bonita, Pinky the Queen
Boudy the goddess, Grethie the empress, Xcytng the Evil, and ccd, mage, SW and others.  You guys rock.
Again, special thanks to Xcytng for answering stupid annoying mapping questions, as well as helping me 
out with lots of techi details for this 2nd map.  If you download this map.. please visit us at the friendly
[mac]-gladiator server.

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