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This map was orginally designed for the mapping contest. Nagus' Update Mod 1.3 is required in order to load this map otherwise this map wil...


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This map was orginally designed for the mapping contest. Nagus' Update Mod 1.3 is required in order to load this map otherwise this map will not work.

The map is nice, several corridors and open spaces. Apparently it is situated in some kind of mountain or rock. Those gravity jumppads are cool, a little twist from the normal jumppads but twice as fun. There has been played alot with gravity on this map, gravity changes all over the place, I kinda liked it. Couldn't find any bugs are overlapping textures.

One of the first 1.3 maps, give it a try ;)

Found some more bugs in the 1.3 update mod but they are not specific to this map.

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Download '' (6.1MB)

HM_para1- Cateran Cliff

Created By: Paracyte

--What is this?:
Designed more for gameplay than for looks, this map was originally made for the
1.3 patch mapping contest. It now still supports the EF 1.3 Update mod, and features
gravity pads that allow players to launch themselves great distances or heights around the
map that help get from one area to another. It supports 2-6 player holomatch
and team deathmatch, along with 1v1 tournaments, but does not support CTF

--Supported Game Types:
-Team Holomatch
-Team Gems

--Programs used:
GTK Radiant 1.2.13
Q3map2 2.5.10
Elite Force 1.3 update mod beta -No revisions were necessary to be compatible w/ final version.

--Technical Information:
External lightmaps used - 21 (49kb each)
Map file size           - 855kb
Bsp file size           - 3.25Mb
Shaders                 - devilpunch.shader, evil6_lights.shader, q3map2_hm_para1.shader
Total Brushes           - 1395
Total Entities          - 241
Net Brush Count         - 1048
Light Styles            - 1 (applied to 7 lights)
Compile settings        - BSP -meta, -vis, -light -fast -filter -super 2 -patchshadows (no bounce because of the light styles)

AMD Athalon XP 2700 @ 2.01 Ghz
ATI Radeon 8500 LE
512 MB Ram

Max video settings
cg_draw2d 0
cg_drawgun 0
No bots or other players were present when taking this test

Max FPS: 235fps
Min FPS: 57fps
Average FPS: 105fps

Max Tris: 5882
Min Tris: 567
Average Tris: 2900

Extract the pk3 file directly to your Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force\um13\ folder (that folder will
only exist after installing the update mod). Load up Star Trek Voyager, Elite Force, and load up
the update mod from the mod list. Then run the map.

PLaying Tips:
-Use the gravity pads to jump over large distances or up great hights.
-Use the teleporters to quickly move to diffrent locations around the map.
-Destroy the quad powerup before you opponent reaches it (unless you can get to it first ;) )
-Only jump over the pit to the area across from you or the area down below, as the pit will suck you down if you try to jump somewhere else.

-Star Trek Voyager: Elite force
-EF 1.3 update mod.

Thanks to:
Ravensoft- For making Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
Raven Mod Community- For helping me out with any question I've had while making all my maps
Ydnar- Q3map2 was used to compile the map
Grand Nagus- Development of the 1.3 patch and all it's new features
Sock- Devilpunch skybox
Evil Lair- Only used 1 of his textures, planned on never got around to it.
U.S.S. Speed- Running the mapping contest and adding Bot Support.
Lladnar- Alpha testing, suggestions
Jeremy- Alpha/Beta testing, suggetions
Adrian T. (Deadman)- Alpha/Beta testing, sggestions, map name
SharpX- Alpha testing, suggestions

Copyright (c) 2005 SAMUEL (Paracyte) RICE
All rights reserved.
This file may be electronically distributed only at 
no charge to the recipient in its current state, must 
include this .txt file, and may not be modified in
any way. In no event will  I/we  be held responsible
for any damages or loss of data of any kind, including
with out limitation any special,indirect,incidental or
consequential damages as a result from the use or
mis-use of the files located in this zip file even if
I/we has been advised of such damages.

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