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Para2 takes place on some kind of space station. The map is very complex and it looks great. You can really see that a lot of time was spent...


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Para2 takes place on some kind of space station. The map is very complex and it looks great. You can really see that a lot of time was spent detailing the map. Pipes are running throughout the map. Same as Para1, gravity jumppads have once again been included. I think they are one of the better things that the 1.3 mod brings. Those doors are pretty amazing how they open and close. I know this can only be achieved by means of the 1.3 mod since the doors do not work in 1.2

Brushwork and lighting are also very well done. It adds a nice touch to the map.

I think the screenshots can explain it better than I can

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Download '' (5.02MB)


Created By: Paracyte
E-mail:,, (one of those should hopefully work for you, heh)

--What is this?:
Designed more looks, this map originally began as just a testmap for some new q3map2
features. However, it quickly began to evolve into some interesting hallways and
structures, and I decided I'd just build it into a map. It doesn't have any particular
theme, just a bunch of neat effects with high-resolution lighting packed into one map.

--Hacks/Ideas/Effects used:
-3D Skybox (Ydnar/Q3map2)
-Dynamic entity lighting (myself- but made possible w/ Update mod)
-High-resolution lightmaps (Ydnar/Q3map2)
-Alpha-Channel shadows (Ydnar/Q3map2)
-ASE models (Ydnar/Q3map2)
-MD3 models (myself- but made possible w/ Q3map2)
-Basic Q3 Electronics (=skOre=, I think)
-Low-graivty jump pads (1.3 Update mod)
-Rotating plat (1.3 Update mod)
-New powerup items (1.3 update mod)
-Rotating doors (1.3 update mod)

--Supported Game Types:
-Team Holomatch
-Team Gems

--Programs used:
GTK Radiant 1.4.0
Q3map2 2.5.14
Elite Force 1.3 Update mod

--Technical Information:
External lightmaps used - 0
Map file size           - 2.12MB
Bsp file size           - 19.3MB (high-res lighting makes a huge impact in this area)
Shaders                 - 
Total Brushes           - 3391
Total Entities          - 381
Net Brush Count         - 1581
Light Styles            - 0
Compile settings        - BSP -meta, -vis, -light -fast -patchshadows -samples 2 -thresh 0.1

Extract the pk3 file directly to your Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force\um13\ folder (that folder will
only exist after installing the update mod). Load up Star Trek Voyager, Elite Force, and load up
the update mod from the mod list. Then run the map.

Known Issues:
-No bot support. I tried.. I TRIED to get it working. But it would of required too much geometry change and other optimizations.
Sorry it just wasnt working :(

-Lights, and other partially transparent textures get really buggy sometimes. I believe it has something to do with all of the
high-res lighting that I put in this map, because it doesnt happen if I compile with a lower lightmapscale, but I don't believe
its related to the update mod at all. If you DO get this problem (NONE of my beta testers had it, but I DO, don't know why), then
go to the consol (~ key) and type \vid_restart, and hit enter. It may take 2-4 tries, but it WILL eventually load up properly.
If anyone knows of some way to prevent this from happening without lowering and detail settings, please let me know.

-May run at a lower FPS than your average map. I've optimized the heck out of this thing. I have properly placed hints all over the map, area portals,
even the r_speeds are quite decent. I did everything I could to keep that fps down without loosing quality (believe me when I say it REALLY gets choppy w/out these
optimizations). The reason for this lower framerate is mostly just because of the high-res lighting. It really takes a performance hit but for a level
thats designed mainly for looks I felt that this loss in performance was well worth the gain in quality.

PLaying Tips:
-Use the gravity pads to jump over large distances or up great hights.
-Destroy the powerups before your opponent reaches them (or take them yourself if you have the chance ;) )
-Try to stay on the upper-level, where you'll have the biggest advantage and easier access to the rest of the level.
-Be carefull not to fall off the edge near the quad powerup (though its mostly been blocked off, beta testers hated it ;) )

-Star Trek Voyager: Elite force
-EF 1.3 update mod.

Thanks to:
Ravensoft- For making Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force
Raven Mod Community- For helping me out with any question I've had while making all my maps
Ydnar- Q3map2 was used to compile the map
Grand Nagus- Development of the 1.3 patch and all it's new features
Evil Lair- Used a few light shaders
Lladnar- Alpha testing, suggestions
Jeremy- Alpha/Beta testing, suggetions
Adrian T. (Deadman)- Alpha/Beta testing Forums- Beta testing
Ravensoft forums- Beta testing/ troubleshooting help

Copyright (c) 2005 SAMUEL (Paracyte) RICE
All rights reserved.
This file may be electronically distributed only at 
no charge to the recipient in its current state, must 
include this .txt file, and may not be modified in
any way. In no event will  I/we  be held responsible
for any damages or loss of data of any kind, including
with out limitation any special,indirect,incidental or
consequential damages as a result from the use or
mis-use of the files located in this zip file even if
I/we has been advised of such damages.

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