HM_Transport 1v1 Map

This is a small 1v1 map based on a module being tractored through warp. It features a small arena with a large amount of bush models and on...


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File Description

This is a small 1v1 map based on a module being tractored through warp. It features a small arena with a large amount of bush models and only a few weapons.

Because of the frequent use of models, the framerate might be a little low in this map, but it is still quite enjoyable.

There are also a few secrets in this map. I'll let you find them ;)

NOTE: Because it uses the bush models and textures from the EF X-Pack, you will need the x-pack to run this map properly. If you don't have the Expansion Pack, you can download a small patch with all of the right textures from here:

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|	         		HM_Transport 1v1 Map by Tim                                |

File Name: HM_Transport "Transportation"
Bot Support: Yes
Contents: Textures, Shaders, Mapfiles, and all of the files neccesary for this map to run
Date of Compilation: 2/11/2002
Categories this map can be used in: Single, Free-For-All, Team Holomatch, 1v1
Programs used: EFRadient, Q3Map, Notepad, Adobe Photoshop, NewTek LightWave 3D


Map Description:

In an attempt to make peace with several races of the Delta Quadrant, The crew of Voyager
constructed a small structure called a Transport Module. A Transport Module is a small 
rectangular shaped structure that contains an array of holo-projectors and a specially
designed life-support system.  This allows the interior of the module be configured into
a multitude of planet designs, as well as being able to reconfigure the life-support 
atmosphere, making the module able to support any type of race as well as making them 
comfortable in their own environment. So far, A Transport Module is only equipped with a 
sublight impulse drive. If the module is needed to attain warp velocity, it has to be 
tractored by several Mark 2 Shuttlecraft. Sometimes, the shuttlecraft may not have enough
power to tractor the transport module. If this is the case, a larger ship may be needed
to distribute more energy to the shuttles.

To create peace with several of Voyager's worst enemies, Capt. janeway's asked a 
reprasentative from each race to be transported to a top secret diplomatic location.  
Unfortuantely, while enroute, a small argument broke out between an 8472 (Who was there to
finalise the treaty that Janeway had proposed in the VOY episode "In The Flesh") and an
Alpha Hirogen.  Using the holographic technology on the Transport Module, the argument
quickly became violent...

This map is based on a Transport Module in where you can 1v1 people or have a good game of

Have Fun!! 

Extra Information:
This is the first working map I have made (The other ones I have made DID work... but then
they stopped). I think this was due to the fact I wasn't using the entity files right and I
was probably confusing the heck out of EF...

Anyway, This map was going to be entered in a map making contest, but by the time I had had
the idea and started making it, the sign-up period for the contest had closed ( :(  ). But
I thought I'd continue the map anyway.

This map is ment to be a 1v1 map, but it can also be used as a very intense free-for-all map,
or as a very, very intens Team Holomatch map!
There are also a few secrets I put into the map. See if you can find them ;)

NOTE: This map uses textures from the EF Expansion Pack. If you don't have the EF X-pack,
I have put together a small patch that has all of the files that this map needs. The textures
pak is loacated for download at "".

Installation Instructions:

Both Platforms (Mac and Windows):

Drag the hm_transport.pk3 into the BaseEF folder that is located in your Elite Force
Directory. The next time you start up EF, the map will be available for you to use.

Special Thanks:

There are a few people who helped towards the relaease of this map and I feel
they deserve some credit:

[AvA]Peekapoo - For Beta testing the map, helping to compiling versions, and for spreading
the word on it. Thanks Peeks! :D

Stukatto - For helping me with a few features of EFRadient I couldn't understand, and also
for informing me that Radient makes Holomatch maps better if I set it to Holomatch entities
instead of Single Player Entities :/.  Thanks Stukatto!

[nWo]Buffalo - For helping me sort out some bugs in Radient and point out some necessary
points on it's workings. Thanks Buff!

Do you have comments, suggestions, or just want to chat? Then I can be contacted by:

ICQ: 24965853
E-Mail: [email protected]
MSN Messenger: [email protected]

Elite Force is a registered trademark of Ravensoft and Activision.

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