Heres a Hydralisk from that awesome game Starcraft, which we all know and love. Its just about the best adaptation you can do for the Q3 arena from a sprite based game, and now the Elite Force players get to play with it! Have fun!

Original Creators: Khasmo Converted By: Eric2534

Bot Support: Yes CTF Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes



Zerg: Hydralisk
The result of one of many attempts by the UED to capture and control the Zerg for their 
own military use, Hydra has been cybernetically enhanced to wield conventional terran
armaments.  While initial test on the battlefield proved the hydralisk to be unreliable
and difficult to control, Hydra's fierce relentless behaviour, and total lack of fear
make the perfect warrior for the ARENA ETERNAL.

August 15th, 2000
Model Name            :	Hydra
Installation Directory:	baseq3\md3-hydra.pk3
Model Author          :	Khasmo
Skin Author           :	Khasmo
EF Converter	      : Eric2534
Email Address         :	[email protected]

Model description     :	Zerg Hydralisk

Thanks to             : Blizzard Software, Chugabeer, Mete Cirigan, polycount, gauss for 
                        moral support and inspiration., Cygnus for his critique, support, 
                        and hydralisk bot, and everybody on the polycount boards and in 
                        #md for your support and advice.

Authors notes         :	This is my first attempt at modelling a PPM.  Used action 
                        figure form Blizzard as the reference for the model, and digital 
                        pics of the model for the skin base. Sounds are taken from 
                        Starcraft, with a couple mixed/modified sounds.

* Play Information * 

Skins                 :	default & ctf skins
Bot support           :	Yes (2 bots 1 by me 1 by Cygnus)
New Sounds            :	Yes
CTF Skins             :	Yes
LOD models            : no, I may include these at a later date depending on demand, so if 
                        you like the model, but it slows down your system, let me know.
Polycount             : 1130 
Known Bugs            : none

* Construction *
Tools(s) used         :	Nendo - creation of model
                        Milkshape - Optimization, animation, and export to .md3 format.
                        PhotoPaint - Skins and Icons

* How to use this model *
Unzip efmdl-hydra.zip into your baseef folder.

* Copyright / Permissions *
The Hydralisk and likeness is copyright Blizzard Software.
QUAKE III Arena(R) is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

This zip file and all contained may be freely distributed , UNALTERED .Under no circumstances can it be used for any commercial purpose without express permission .

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