The last version (1.10) was having some bugs that stop people that has a ping over 150 to be unlagged correctly.

This version now use the...


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The last version (1.10) was having some bugs that stop people that has a ping over 150 to be unlagged correctly.

This version now use the 2.01 Unlagged code and it rockz!

Update as fast as you can to this new version!

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 __                                          ________________________  __

(  | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MODIFICATION FILE |________________________||__)

 ) |                  __

(__| IN2TAGIB V1.2.0 |__)

     Unlag 2.01 technology used by Neil ìhasteî Toronto. For more 

     information about unlagged visit his site:



                                                 __                    __

                                                (__| THE MODIFICATION |__)

     This mod is a recreation of the well known mod "Instagib". Since

     the patch of Elite Force to version 1.20 killed off the original

     one because of incompatiblities, it was necessary to reprogram

     the whole mod.


     Well, it's done with "IN2TAGIB".


     For those who don't know what IN2TAGIB is: This mod changes your

     Holomatch into a Sniper arena. If you hit your enemy with your

     sniper weapon (the Compression Rifle or the I-Mod), he is killed

     instantly and you get the frag.


     Since Version 1.1.0 IN2TAGIB is unlagged. This is a server side

     compensation of the lag that appears when playing online via 

     Internet with high pings. With an unlagged game of IN2TAGIB you

     don't have to aim ahead anymore, just aim directly on the 

     opponent and the server computes your lag away - and you make the



     With version 1.0.0 I included a new type of game: "IN2TAGIB ARCADE".

     In this mode your sniper weapon has no shot delays. Everytime you

     hit the button the shot goes off. So prepare for some fast'n'nasty

     sniper matches! ;-) In Arcade mode your weapons will need new ammo.

     You can pickup new ammo in the level or watch for dropped ammo from

     a fragged opponent.


     Since 1.2.0 CTF gameplay is enhanced by a flag dropping feature.

     Bind the use-object key and drop the flag with it to teammates

     who better can carry the flag home because of a invulnerable shield 

     or speed powerup.


     Your sniper weapon has now a knockback effect. You can use it to

     jump to higher places or in teamplay to push your teammates to

     speed them up.


     I included some powerups to the gameplay like the forcefield or

     the battlesuit. The forcefield has a new soundeffect and tics and

     flickers on the last five seconds. The battlesuit prevents you from

     beeing fragged, but you get knockbacked.


     The elimination gametype is supported (also known as "Last Man 

     Standing"). Even if you don't have the Expansion Pack you can open 

     now a server with this gametype!


     Also I got some Ideas how to modify the Holomatch to make many

     of the one player campaign maps available to the regular deathmatch.


     It's possible to access all areas of the one player campaign map. 

     Locked doors are opened, some lifts are even usable! Forcefields 

     are switched off. And what is  mostly neccesary to bring one player 

     maps to online gaming: Different entry spots! And yes: With this 

     modification all players enters a map at a different one! Therefor 

     IN2TAGIB convert NPC bot spots to regular deathmatch entry spots. B-)

     As a little support a player can use an escape transporter if he 

     got stuck in an area where he cannot reach the other players. By 

     using the command "/escape" via console the transporter is given 

     and can be used.


     You get now new sounds for your compression rifle, that don't get 

     annoying after a long time played. To improve the ambiente of

     some maps, I include some ambiente background sounds for maps

     that are placed on voyager or a borg ship. Door sounds are also

     replaced: Voyagers automatic doors sounds now authentic and the

     door sounds of one player maps are replaced.


     Well, and I don't liked the music used at the scoreboard so I 

     replaced it with much better soundfiles from Elite Force.


     I included some nice maps from the one player campaign to the

     map selector menus. These maps will have no bot support, but

     you can run a server and play these maps with your friends in a

     LAN or online.


     If you have the Expansion Pack installed and you have the XP 

     Version of IN2TAGIB, you will get as a little bonus the Garden

     Relaxation Map from the tour. This map has under IN2TAGIB bot

     support, so you can play this in single player also!


     The EF menu system is expanded to allow you to configure the

     modification to your needs. If you want to open a server in the LAN

     or public Internet you can now configure your server via the EF

     LCARS. After that IN2TAGIB is still a server-side modification!

     Players that have not IN2TAGIB installed can join your server 

     without any problems. To get to the additional configuration screens

     use the "ADVANCED" button.


     The LCARS of IN2TAGIB is updated to version 1.23. To find out more

     about the EF-LCARS-Patch visit "".     


     This will be the final version of this mod. But if some heavy bugs

     appear I will definatly try to eliminate them and give the mod

     an update.


     Well now. Enough of talking! Load up your Elite Force, select 

     IN2TAGIB from your mod menu and snipe! B-) 


                                                        __             __

                                                       (__| THE RULES |__)


     - Every hit is a frag.


     - The only weapons are the Compression-Rifle and I-Mod. Both have

       same firepower.


     - With Quad-Damage-Powerup the aiming has not to be accurate,

       objects very near the beam are also hit.



     - No weapons and ammo are spawned in a map.


     - Ammo is unlimited.




     - Ammo pickups are placed in a map, the weapons loose ammo on 



     - No shot delays. Every time the trigger is pushed a shot goes off

       (as this is normal weapon behaviour ;-)




     - With the use-object key a flag can be dropped. This is usefull

       to tactically hand a flag over to a teammate. For example if

       he has an active invulnerable or speed powerup, so he can carry

       the flag safer and quicker to the teams base.

                                              __                       __

                                             (__| OTHER CHANGED STUFF |__)

     * Unlagged (optional). Even with high ping you can now play like

       you're playing an offline Solomatch.


     * Enhanced EF LCARS menu system. All features of this modification

       (see also: Server variables) can now beeing configured via EF.

       The new setup screens can be reached by using the "ADVANCED" button

       when opening a new single player match or multiplayer match.

     * The rifles allow rocket jumping (can be switched off via config)


     * Pickups can be spawned by configuration.


     * Quad-Damage alters the shot and its damage range to a wider

       area. The hit effect has been enhanced: Sparkles go off.


     * !!! One-Player-Maps are now playable in IN2TAGIB, because 

       NPC-spawning points are now normal deathmatch spawning points!

       B-) So all players won't enter a one-player map always at

       the same point anymore!


     * Sounds are changed to fit better in maps (door sounds).


     * Maps get new ambiente sounds like Warp Drive Sound for Voyager Maps

       or Borg ship ambiente sound. Also included in this soundpack are 

       new sounds for the compression rifle and Quad Powerup.


     * Simple-Voting option for commercial servers, that only allows

       voting for maps.

     * Teammates can be pushed by shooting them (if Friendly Fire is off).

     * Most options are configurable by voting or editing HMCONFIG.CFG.


     * Escape transporter available in one player maps.

     * A selection of one player maps are visible on opening a multiplayer

       match (or single player match).

                                                  __                   __

                                                 (__| PLAYER COMMANDS |__)




       * Only available in maps of the one player campaign. By using this

         command via console or key bind you get an escape transporter. This

         is neccesary if you got stuck in an area of a map where you cannot

         reach the other players.


         The transporter is only available every 60 seconds. So use it only

         if you really need it.


                                                 __                    __

                                                (__| SERVER VARIABLES |__)


          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_SinglePlayerMaps

            deprecated, always on.


          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_CreateAmbiente

            deprecated, always on.



          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_unlagged

            Values:  "Y" / "N"

            Default: "Y"

            Votable: Yes


            Value "Y": Serverside unlagging is enabled, so all

                       players can aim like they are playing with

                       a ping of 0.


            Value "N": No lag compensation for all the players that

                       are used to aim ahead.


          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_ArcadeMode            

            Values:  "Y" / "N"

            Default: "N"

            Votable: Yes


            Value "Y": IN2TAGIB ARCADE is at hand! Weapons have no

                       shot delays, everytime the trigger is pressed

                       a shot goes off. But ammo has to be picked up

                       because your weapon looses ammo on usage. From

                       time to time players drop their ammo when they

                       got killed.


            Value "N": Normal IN2TAGIB at hand. The rifles have the

                       usual shot delay but unlimited ammo.


          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_HealthAvailable

            Values:  "Y" / "N"

            Default: "N"

            Votable: No


            Value "Y": Health pickups will be spawned in a map.

                       Makes only sence if falling damage is on.


            Value "N": No health pickups are spawned.


          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_PowerupFlags

            Values:  "NNNNN" ... "YYYYY" 

            Default: "YYNYY"

            Votable: No


            Here now can be decided which powerups will be avail-

            able as pickups in a map.


            'Y' -> Powerup is available

            'N' -> Powerup is not available

            Every character in this string stands for a powerup in

            the following order:

           	 1. Quad

           	 2. Haste

           	 3. Invisible

           	 4. Flight

           	 5. Battlesuit (Shield)


          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_HoldableFlags

            Values:  "NNNNN" ... "YYYYY" 

            Default: "YNNYY"

            Votable: No


            Here now can be decided which holdables will be avail-

            able as pickups in a map.


            'Y' -> Holdable is available

            'N' -> Holdable is not available

            Every character in this string stands for a holdable in

            the following order:

           	1. Transporter

           	2. Medkit

           	3. Detpack

           	4. Shield

           	5. Decoy


          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_SimpleVoting

            Values:  "Y" / "N"

            Default: "N"

            Votable: No


            Value "Y": It's only possible to vote for maps.


            Value "N": When voting is switched on, some mod vars 

                       (but not this one :-) are votable. This mod

                       also adds g_speed and g_gravity to the votable



          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_RifleJump

            Values:  "Y" / "N"

            Default: "Y"

            Votable: Yes


            Value "Y": A rifle hit has a knockback effect to push

                       you, your teammates or a player with an

                       active battlesuit away.


            Value "N": No knockback effect.


          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_TeamPushShot

            Values:  "Y" / "N"

            Default: "Y"

            Votable: No


            Only has an effect if g_friendlyFire is set to 0,

            Teamplay is active and rifle jumps are switched on.


            Value "Y": Teammates are pushed when hit by a member.


            Value "N": A hit has no effect to teammates.


                                                           __          __

                                                          (__| HISTORY|__)


       18.08.2003 V1.2.0

       * Features:

         - Updated to Unlagged 2.01

         - In CTF a flag can be dropped (to pass it over to a team-

           mate for example). The use-object key is used.



       10.08.2003 V1.1.0

       * Features:

         - Unlagged, also setable via EF advanced server settings




       24.08.2002 V1.0.0


       * Bugfixes:

         - Fixed rifle knockback: now 360 degrees and no damage to


         - Fixed team knockback: now accurate and not only a jump

           trigger like under the old versions.

         - non dedicated server are always unpure since the installation

           technique without pk3 files crashes the server when non

           dedicated (non-LAN or non-Internet)

         - one player map levelshots are installed into baseef, so

           a player can see them in the server browser even if IN2TAGIB

           is not active.


       * Features:

         - IN2TAGIB setup screens in the EF LCARS menu system.

         - Integrated EF-LCARS Patch 1.23 (

         - IMOD selectable

         - "IN2TAGIB ARCADE" (no shot delay, ammo pickups)

         - Powerup Forcefield with new soundeffect and countdown

         - Powerup Battlesuit with knockback effect

         - IN2TAGIB ARCADE: Regenerator converted to Battlesuit

         - Holdable are tossed from a fragged player

         - New intermission music

         - arena file for one player maps (now selectable via EF menu)

         - New hit effect when quad is active: Sparkles

         - new server vars: g_mod_RifleJump + g_mod_ArcadeMode


       * Changed features:

         - One player map conversion always on, cannot be switched off

           via config.


       20.05.2002 V0.9 fixed


       * Features:

         Fixed installation for server use


       02.08.2001 V0.9


       * Cosmetics:

         - Levelshots for all SP-Maps (Client Installation)


       * Ambiente:

         - SP-Map specific background-sounds (Client Installation)

         - SP-Map specific door sounds (Server Side)


       * Map-Handling:

         - Improved entry spot selection for SP-Maps.


       * Gameplay:

         - Teammate Push-Shot


       * Configuration:

         - g_mod_TeamPushShot


       15.07.2001 V0.8


       * Quad-Powerup fixed.


       * Map specific sound handling (door sounds).


       * Soundpack (optional, for client installation only).

         - New Compression Rifle sounds

         - New Quad-Powerup sound

         - New ambiente sound for Voyager maps

         - New ambiente sound for Borg maps


       * Handling of single player maps enhanced: 

         - Forcefields are off

         - All doors are unlocked

         - Platforms taken away


       * Deleted server vars:




       * New server vars:  






       08.07.2001 V0.71


       * Rocket-Jumping fixed


       08.07.2001 V0.7


       * First release...


                                                           __           __

                                                          (__| CONTACT |__)


       Well, I hope you like this little modification. If you have 

       suggestions  or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to contact

       me via this email address:




       The newest version can be downloaded from this






 __  _______________________________                                   __

(__||_______________________________| PROGRAMMED BY LT. CMDR. SALINGA |__)


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