This is a demo for Ultimateworf's SP mission called "Infiltration". The demo is very simple, you spawn in a canyon-type area where you're given instructions to infiltrate the scavenger base. The mission is a stealth one, so it would be wise to keep things hush-hush (though in the demo I don't think it really matters.. I'm assuming things will change in the final :)). You come across many bugs (creepy crawly ones, not technical bugs) while exploring the canyon till you finally come across the scavengers. When you do get to the baddies... oo maan... you're gonna wish you brought a bigger gun with you :p It's a pretty mad scene and you most probably will not succeed in getting them all. My advice? RUN! ;) You need to go back to the beginning of the level to end it anyway..

The map looks pretty good so far! It looks like a pretty early version so it's hard to say how it'll turn out... but if you want to try it out go ahead :)

New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No



This is a SINGLE-PLAYER demo of my "infiltration" mission for EF1. I'm releasing this because of popular request. It is also sort of a thanksgiving present to the community :) I hope you have fun playing it!

Directions: The level will end when you break open the damaged grate and jump inside.(it will be sort of twisted and the crosshair will turn yellow) You can only break it open after you've viewed the second cutscene.


place the pak7.pk3 file in your baseef folder. Then start the game in single-player, bring down the console by pressing ` (tilde); and type "map infiltratedemo" without the quotes.

Progress: I am about halfway done with the entire thing.(2 out of 4 levels) I will finish it, but I can't say as to when I will get it done. If you enjoy this, please tell me by posting in the comments section


Me (ultimateworf) for creating it

Raven and Activision for Elite Force 1

EFFiles.com for hosting this

You for downloading it

And last but certainly not least, The makers of GTKRadient, the best mapping utility out there for EF :)


New levels:    yes
New sounds:    no
New textures:  no

Technical Stuff:

Brush Count:           251
Entity Count:          510
Compile Time:          About 1min 10sec

System used for building, testing, playing, and enjoying:

AMD 2100+, 512mg of DDR333 ram, 64meg Geforce2 vid card

Legal Junk:



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