This is the sixth beta of the IRez. Even if a lot of stuff remains to be done, the work is coming along greatly.

I made a small error on...


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This is the sixth beta of the IRez. Even if a lot of stuff remains to be done, the work is coming along greatly.

I made a small error on the readme, I wrote it was the IRez 0.05 Second Release... But since I don't want to be like Microsoft with thousands of releases and ugly names for their files like "update"... So, it's officialy the IRez 0.06.

Check the new features that will come fully implemented in the version 7, the reflection map of the screen in front of the Hazard quarter.

60% of the textures of the IRez 5 have been redone (Another time) for the lack of canon on them. With a lot of help from the Raven board and my Canon tester, I have made them more canon then ever. I'm currently rewritting the whole shader set of EF, mainly to put the reflection map thing in it.

Hope you will like it... Even if it's only 700Ko bigger than the last version.

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Download '' (12.65MB)

Elite Force High Resolution Pack (IRez Beta 0.05 SR)

*SR mean Second Release since there is not a lot of new
stuff, but a lot of major change and some preview of the
0.06 version. Check out for the new reflective map.

- Improved 0.05.
In this .zip file:

-Readme : You are reading it! Thanks!

-zIRez.pk3 : The Pack.
For comments, idea, bug repport :
mail : [email protected]

Please, if someone one can take screenshot at the best
resolution possible, and send me it, I would be really happy
to put them online at

Note that I will try to answer you as fast as I can, 
and to please everyone.

Know Bugs :
-Like I said, this pack is for GOOD computer.
-If you experiment the "White Texture" or "Black Scratch"
problem is because you ask to much from your computer, 
lower your setting and everything will be fine, or add more
RAM allowed for EF.
-Some Pentium 3 and 4 has a .tga error that make the 
hazard team uniform and some other Voyager texture 
not changed. A patch for that problem is currently made.
However, it make you not able to see some shader.
Made by:

Original Textures and Skins : Raven

Textures and Skins : 
U.S.S. Speed (Jam, compuJam)

Head Skin + XPak :

Special Retouch and Beta testing :
Christian Bauer

e-mail : [email protected]

Web Page :

Special Thanks : 
	-Raven Board for the idea, help, tips, etc...
	-And to anyother one I can forget.

How to use this Pack :

Get the files named "zIRez.pk3" and drop it in the folder
BaseEF (Overwritting previous version) in your Elite Force 
Run Single Player EF, and ENJOY!

Note : The weapons, some effects and/or skins can modify the HM

You CAN'T modify this file or use it to make a new one whitout
the express permission of the author : Me! You can distribute 
it FREELY, whitout any change.

For any comments, use the e-mail above.
For bugs report, use the e-mail above.
For flame, use the e-mail above.

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