Iso2 (SP)



This is a pretty good map for a first attempt but like usual their are always a few things wrong

-Overlapping shaders -Overlapping textures -Theres a room with stars when u fall into it you cant get out transporter doesnt work -Turbolifts didnt seem to move -Theres a area when you enter it u fall into "nothing" -There are too many doors -U can walk into space near the shuttlebay without getting killed -And a few other things i forgot

But like i sayd its a good first attempt



ISO2 Space Station
by Derrick Goodfriend
For Single Player

This is my first attempt at mapping. I began this
a while ago, but I just haven't had time to finish
it. There are two editions of the map, one for Single
Player and one for Holomatch. The Single Player map
is actually two maps, which take place aboard the ISO2
Waste Reclamation Space Station. The Station was being 
used as a Federation Hazardous Materials storage area
when the Borg showed up and assimilated part of the
station. The second map is an unfinished Medical Suite.

The Holomatch version is a less finished version of 
the main station itself. It can be used for all types
of Holomatches (CTF, FFA, Team, etc.).

The map is, for the most part, finished. I could have
a long way to go, depending on what you call good. If
anyone would like to finish this map, by all means,
e-mail me at [email protected], and I will e-mail
you the files. If you do send me an e-mail, please 
make the subject something noticeable, because I do
receive a lot of spam. Thanks!

Just unzip the z-iso2.pk3 file into your "BaseEF" folder, usually: C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF.
In Single Player, just press the '~' key (next to the 
number 1 key) and type 'map iso2' (without the quotes)
and press ENTER.


Comments are welcomed! Please send them to [email protected].

Thanks to:
Gene Roddenberry for Star Trek
Raven for Elite Force 1
The Elite Force community for helping people learn how to mod.


Star Trek and Star Trek: Voyager are copyrights of Paramount Pictures

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