K'Vort Class



I'll try to summarize what I put in the readme. This is a K'Vort class Klingon bird-of-prey for roleplaying. It might make for a good deathmatch map too, but I dunno. I like to emphasis realism in my maps, so you'll need to keep your eyes AND ears open on this one. There was some stuff I wanted to do but had to make some hard decisions, but I'm still pleased with how well this turned out. More work went into this than you might think, so please rate it fairly. Been working on it since March.



RPG_KVort v1.0
By Scooter <[email protected]>

With all the starship maps out there, I needed to do something different. Something that hadn't already been done.
When I originally started this, nobody else had made a Klingon starship. I took so long with it that Alexraptor had
enough time to learn how to map and make his own Klingon starship. His is a B'rel class, the smaller of the two
birds-of-prey, while mine is the larger K'Vort.

Before you criticize me for modifying Raven's map instead of making my own, here's some things you should know.
The modifications I made were probably just as difficult and time consuming as making a new map from scratch. The reason
I don't start from scratch is that I have zero artistic ability. Despite EF's shortfalls in the realm of canon, there was
some amount of effort to make it look proper, so why let all those maps go to waste?

I like to emphasis realism. I doesn't matter how uber you are at mapping if it doesn't feel real. Here's some of the things you'll notice that I did to make this map as realistic as possible:
 - ambient speakers all over the ship so you always hear the engine noise just like on TV
 - red alert speakers all over the ship
 - every console makes a noise when you use it
 - parts of the map reconfigured to get rid of the single player feeling
 - all damage repaired (messhall took the most time)
 - custom door sounds when you use the RPG or Federation mods

I would have liked to do more, but this map gave me a lot of trouble so I had to make some hard decisions.

Put zrpg_kvort.pk3 in your baseef folder, just like every other map.

Don't ask me how to install this. The instructions are two lines above this one.
I'm tired of answering email from stupid people who can't follow instructions.

Fabio Passaro - for making that cool Bird-of-Prey model in the levelshot.
S-Stephen - for converting the Bird-of-Prey model to 3DSMax format.
Tim Pool - for rendering the 3DSMax model.
Alexraptor - for inspiring me to take on this project.
Raven - for making and releasing the scav2 map.
Me - for repairing and modifying the scav2 map, which was a LOT of work.
Mr. T - for fixing the bugs and doing the final compile.

Custom sounds were gleaned from the Internet and are recordings from "Generations" and the TOS-era feature films.
The person who made the recordings is unknown. These files are freely available on several different web sites.

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