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Kappa seems like a Voy1 remake, and even though it does bare some resemblances on the outside, there are a couple differences :). Th...


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Kappa seems like a Voy1 remake, and even though it does bare some resemblances on the outside, there are a couple differences :). The most obvious one would be the 'U' shaped style. The flags are located at opposite tips of the U, and at the very top of the bases so have fun battling your way up there ;) Inside the bases are teleporters and lifts to get you between the levels. The bunker outside has only 1 teleporter which take you to a sniper spot at the bend of the U. The bunkers also have staircases which take you underneath the map to a small corridor which houses the Quad. It would seem like the easiest route across... if only the lava wasn't there! :p

I can see that effort has been made to make sure the map isn't one-sided and that there are no easy ways to run between flags. My only gripe is that this would have worked just as well without the Voy theme.. originality/creativity is a plus :) I think it would have looked rather nice using Klingon structures or something.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No

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Download 'pro_kappa.zip' (952KB)

Kappa Station (pro_kappa)
 Title                   : Kappa Station
 Filename                : pro_kappa.pk3
 Author                  : {SFEF}Johan 
 Email Address           : [email protected]
 WebPage                 : www.sfefclan.com / www.sfefclan.de

This is a new Voy map with a revolutionary design :P... a bit like KLN1 but more complex as 
it has transporters and is a full "turnaround" map. I also put a lot of weapons on this map 
because I'm sick and tired of games where one team dominates the photons and the 
important weapons, so this map is more balanced in that sense. It's hard to cap a flag, but
on the other hand teamwork is needed to win on this map. There special moves can be done 
when getting out of the transporers and jumping to the pillars. Those moves work on speeds 
of 275-300; speeds most servers use these days. Maybe you will be able to photon jump to 
the flag area or at least the second floor. Also, it is not possible to jump across the
middle section across to the other base (regardless of gravity), however, it is possible to
fire across the middle section onto the other side. This map is bug-free and cheat-free; 
meaning, it is not possible to skywalk or jump on the edges near the walls....hence the 
reason I give it a "pro" prefix. I also caulked as much of the map as possible, so that 
hopefully even those with graphics cards not so fast will get good FPS on this map. Oh...and 
one bit of humor for this map... watch out for the invisible camper :P :) ....and blow them 
up with the detpack...hehe...

 put the file "pro_kappa.pk3" in your BaseEF folder, usually:
 C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF\

Play Information:
 Bot Support: Yes bots are supported but most likely shall not cap a flag.

Build Time:
 About 8 days... I'm guesing an hour or two per day...

Compile Time:
 ...way too long for 900MHz...

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