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As I said for the first version, the 'U' shape of the map is unique to EF, and brings about some interesting gameplay. Some changes inclu...


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As I said for the first version, the 'U' shape of the map is unique to EF, and brings about some interesting gameplay. Some changes include making the base structures on level less, while giving varying heights to the rest of the map. The lighting in this version is a lot more evident and has a better aesthetic appeal than the previous version. Weapons and pickups have been left along the sides of the map, though they have been switched around. The grenade and scavenger are right next to the middle wall which gives you a chance to throw projectiles across. The photons are tucked away to the sides of the map (though it's ammo can be found around the map). There are a number of sniper spots, within the bases and in the neutral area.

Overall I was quite happy with these changes! I thought I liked the first version, but this one has even more interesting gameplay! Don't let the "voy-remake" label fool you, this is worth a check out!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No

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Download 'ctf_kappa2.zip' (1.01MB)

Kappa Station 2 (ctf_kappa2)
 Title                   : Kappa Station 2
 Filename                : ctf_kappa2.pk3
 Author                  : {SFEF}Johan 
 Email Address           : [email protected]
 WebPage                 : www.sfefclan.com / www.sfefclan.de

This is a follow-up to my original Kappa Station, featuring the revolitionary ( :P ) unique 
U-shaped design. The arena has been expanded, transporter paths have been added, and the base 
now has two floors, featuring a lava pit infront so you either 1) have to go around the pit 
and the pillars or 2) take the risk of jumping ontop of the pillars to get past the lava pit 
(muahaaahaa). The map now features an additional camping area in the middle which is only 
reachable by transporting to from a "third base" structure in the upper middle of the map. 
The quad is now more accessible; it is outside the middle base structure. The lava tunnel has 
been removed, and the lifts have been taken out so those d[BEEEP]mn campers won't block 
(ooopsie... I'm a camper too :P) the flag area anymore (but campers rejoice there are a bunch 
of other interesting areas where you can camp!!!).

Why I made a new version...?
Well... one day I find out that Green Destiny's Specialties server was running this map... I 
really felt honored that the Green Destiny's was running the first version of Kappa. So my
inspiration comes from having the previous map on Green Destiny's Specialties server. 
Inspiration also came when the previous Kappa map was put SFEF Specialties server (now 
famous for the no infiltrator policy :P and many admins to enforce it muahahaa). (SFEF is 
also the clan I have been in basically since I started playing EF.) I also wanted to make 
the Kappa "basic design" better in the second version of this series.

 put the file "ctf_kappa2.pk3" in your BaseEF folder, usually:
 C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF\

Play Information:
Bot Support: Yes bots are supported.

Build Time:
I used Kappa Station as a base....within 4 or 5 days I had the "final shape" of the thing.
The most difficult and frustrating part as always is item placement, checking the balance of 
play, bug-hunting, and then making the map symmetrical.

Well... don't say it's yours when it's not :P ... this file may be freely distributed so long
as it is unmodified and in the original zip file with this readme file. 

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