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This is a collection of CFG files that help put some commands under the control of your fingertips! Some work in SP, some in MP, and some in both. They rebind your F# keys to switch different 'menus'. Such as F5 activates the FOV menu where you can switch your FOV around using your keypad numbers. Similarly, you can also control the Third Person camera, NPC weapons(requires cheat mode), gravity levels, and speed. A few other keys have also been changed around to get some useful commands within reach :)

I found some of these things kinda useful (such as the Third Person and FOV) so you might want to try it out to see if it suits you.

Note: the autoexec.cfg provided inside *might* replace your current autoexec, so backup before loading this mod!



<-----------------------------------Keyboard Upgrade--------------------------------------->
Auther: Michael Matthews
Email: [email protected]
Date: 6-23-2003
Mod name: Keyboard Upgrade
Description: This mod makes more use out of the 'F#' keys on your keyboard. It will work on Holomatch or Singleplayer, though  some of the functions DO REQUIRE THE CHEATS TO BE ACTIVATED. To activate the functions in this mod, first push the desired F# (there are different catagories), then push the desired button on the numberpad at the far right of the keyboard. THE NUMBERPAD KEYS ONLY WORK FOR WHATEVER CATAGORY YOU HAVEON AT A TIME!There are some other functions included that do not require the F# buttons. Here are the new functions:

Advanced functions:

bind F6 	&quot;exec weapons.cfg&quot;  <--------(This gives you the ability to get some cheat weapons.)
bind kp_end 			&quot;give forge proj&quot;
bind kp_downarrow 		&quot;give forge psych&quot;
bind kp_pgdn 			&quot;give desperado weapon&quot;    
bind kp_leftarrow 		&quot;give paladin weapon&quot;
bind kp_5	 		&quot;give imperial blade&quot;
bind kp_rightarrow 		&quot;give bot rocket&quot;
bind kp_home 			&quot;give parasite&quot;
bind kp_uparrow 		&quot;give stasis attack&quot;
bind kp_pgup 			&quot;give bot welder&quot;

bind F5 	&quot;exec fov.cfg&quot;<--------(This gives you the ability to set the fov (field of view) or how much you see.)
bind	kp_ins			cg_fov &quot;80&quot;
bind    kp_end 			cg_fov &quot;40&quot;
bind    kp_downarrow		cg_fov &quot;90&quot;
bind    kp_pgdn 		cg_fov &quot;120&quot;
bind    kp_leftarrow 		cg_fov &quot;160&quot;
bind    kp_5 			cg_fov &quot;200&quot;
bind    kp_rightarrow 		cg_fov &quot;240&quot;
bind    kp_home 		cg_fov &quot;280&quot;
bind    kp_uparrow 		cg_fov &quot;320&quot;
bind    kp_pgup 		cg_fov &quot;360&quot;

bind F7 	&quot;exec thirdperson.cfg&quot;<--------(This gives you the ability to see yourself from different angles and distances.)
bind kp_5 &quot;toggle cg_thirdperson;vstr a0;vstr r40&quot;
bind kp_uparrow &quot;vstr closer&quot;
bind kp_downarrow &quot;vstr farther&quot;
bind kp_leftarrow &quot;vstr left&quot;
bind kp_rightarrow &quot;vstr right&quot;

bind F8 	&quot;exec gravity.cfg&quot;<--------(This gives you the ability to change the gravity.)
bind    kp_ins      		g_gravity &quot;800&quot;
bind	kp_end			g_gravity &quot;150&quot;
bind	kp_downarrow		g_gravity &quot;250&quot;
bind    kp_pgdn 		g_gravity &quot;350&quot;
bind    kp_leftarrow 		g_gravity &quot;450&quot;
bind    kp_5 			g_gravity &quot;550&quot;
bind    kp_rightarrow 		g_gravity &quot;650&quot;
bind    kp_home 		g_gravity &quot;750&quot;
bind    kp_uparrow 		g_gravity &quot;850&quot;
bind    kp_pgup 		g_gravity &quot;950&quot;

bind F9 	&quot;exec speed.cfg&quot;<--------(This gives you the ability to set your run speed.)
bind    kp_ins	 		g_speed &quot;375&quot;
bind    kp_end 			g_speed &quot;100&quot;
bind    kp_downarrow 		g_speed &quot;200&quot;
bind    kp_pgdn			g_speed &quot;300&quot;
bind    kp_leftarrow 		g_speed &quot;400&quot;
bind    kp_5 			g_speed &quot;500&quot;
bind    kp_rightarrow 		g_speed &quot;600&quot;
bind    kp_home 		g_speed &quot;700&quot;
bind    kp_uparrow 		g_speed &quot;800&quot;
bind    kp_pgup 		g_speed &quot;1000&quot;

Here is what the different kp_... keys mean:

kp_ins = numberpad 0
kp_end = numberpad 1
kp_downarrow = numberpad 2
kp_pgdn = numberpad 3
kp_leftarrow = numberpad 4
kp_5 = numberpad 5
kp_rightarrow = numberpad 6
kp_home = numberpad 7
kp_uparrow = numberpad 8
kp_pgup = numberpad 9

Side notes:
Pressing 0 on the numberpad will set whatever Advanced Function you are working on back to the default setting (except the thirdperson in which case it will not do anything. To go back to firstperson view push 5 on the numberpad.)

Other functions:

bind k 		&quot;kill&quot;<--------(This kills you.)

bind ,       	&quot;cl_run !&quot;<--------(This toggles 'always run' on and off so you do not have to go to the ingame menu at all.)

bind CAPSLOCK 	&quot;detpack&quot;<--------(This makes you lay a detpack. Push this button again to detonate the detpack.)

bind p 		&quot;playerteam imperial&quot;<--------(This lets you kill your team without being put in the brig. Hehehe.)

bind w 		&quot;r_showtris !&quot;<--------(This is cool try it out.)

bind F12     	&quot;screenshot&quot;<--------(This is obvious.)

Installation: 1)Download.
              2)Unzip to your Elite Force\BaseEF folder.
              3)Play Elite Force and enjoy.

Building time:            1 hour


Other Credits:
Raven Software for creating Elite Force.
Paramount Pictures for creating Star Trek Voyager.

I will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data as a result of
the installation or use of the files located in this zip file. As always I 
recommend using a virus checker on all downloaded material. No part of this zip will be used
for commercial gain. However if you wish to distribute this mod it must contain 
ALL the original files that were present during the initial download. You can change any part of this mod. It may be distributed in any form other than normal snail mail.

I reserve the right to modify these files in anyway, at any time, without warning. 
&quot;Star Trek&quot;,&quot;Voyager&quot; are trademarks of Paramount Pictures Inc ©2000.
&quot;Elite force&quot; is a trademark of Raven Software.

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