Klingon Battle Arena

A klingon themed map. Quite open but fun to play. The textures add a lot of detail to the map and make it look simply amazing. The map also...


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A klingon themed map. Quite open but fun to play. The textures add a lot of detail to the map and make it look simply amazing. The map also has some clever sounds in a couple places. This map was designed to be very competitive and I'm sure that it will be. So far, I think this is the best DM map I've seen.

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Download 'hm_kba.zip' (2.99MB)

Klingon Battle Arena

--::>About the map
This is my first map designed specifically for HM/THM and Tournament.  

Originally, this map was being developed for the Raven Tournament map competition.  However, I exceeded the .bsp size limit of the competition.  I decided to drop out of the competition because I wanted to finish this map they way it was and wouldn't have time to start build a new one before the competition.  Next time I will read the rules ;)

That said...  This map is fun!  I am a serious CTF player and haven't played much HM/THM in months, but even I got addicted to this one during testing.  Since I am used to having a goal when I play (get the flag in CTF), I decided to make the Photon burst a bit of a goal.  It only appears every 15 seconds, so you have to time it, go for it too soon and you are a sitting duck.  My goal was to develop a map that would be fast and furious, with good bot support, that was big enough for HM and THM, but at the same time small and open enough for Tournament.

I recommend this map for 2-8 players.

--::> Installation:
To install this map, extract the ctf_kba.pk3 file into your baseEF directory.  The location of baseEF will depend on where you installed Elite Force.

Typically, it would be here:
C:Program FilesRavenStar Trek Voyager Elite ForcebaseEF

That's it!  Load up Elite Force, create a server and find the map in your list.  Play online or add some bots.

--::> Map Info:
Creation Time:  Design and construction: 35 hours
Map Compile Time:  44 minutes on my PIII 500Mhz, 256MB RAM

--::> Tools:
Paintshop Pro

--::> Thanks goes to:
The creator of the skybox texture; Sock.

==== From his readme =================================
author:           Sock 
email address:    [email protected]
URL:              http://www.planetquake.com/simland
My lovely wife, for her patience with me and letting me spend way to much time on my computer, and Raven software for creating the game :)

* Also:  Thanks to Absynthe for noticing I had distributed the wrong version of the .zip file and noticing a missing expansion pack texture
that I did not include.

--::> About Me:
My real name is Darren Pye.  I am a Senior Software Architect/Engineer working in the wireless world and thinking of switching to video games.  Any takers?   I am serious Raven!!  Blah blah...yes I copied this from all my other boring readme files ;)

I have been programming for 19 years, since I was 11.  I am currently developing a framework for load balancing/fault tolerance that apply intelligent pro-active messures based on the knowledge of the component inter-communications and statistical usage patterns.  Fun stuff!

I love input on the maps.  Please feel free to email me at:  [email protected]

Vist my web site at:  http://vorax0.tripod.com
Visit the [SEA] Clan web site at:  http://sea.mirrorz.com

Thanks for downloading!

- [SEA]Vorax

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