Lady Death



Here is the Lady Death model, converted from Q3, and based on the comic book character Lady Death. I've added sounds which the original did not have, so now you get the whole package.

Original Creators: Frag Cow Converted By: Eric2534

Bot Support: Yes CTF Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes



<24th May 2001>

Model Name            :	ldeath
Installation Directory:	baseef\efmdl-ldeath.pk3
EF Converter	      : Eric2534
Model Author          :	Frag Cow
Skin Author           :	Frag Cow with &quot;print screen&quot; and cntr &quot;c&quot; / &quot;v&quot;.
Email Address         :	[email protected]

Model description     :	Based on &quot;Lady Death&quot; of chaos comics

Thanks to             : [email protected] for tutorial at http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/resources/quake3/tutorials/MAX-to-q3data/md3q3data.shtml 
                        Chaos Comics (spent about $100 on comics for this, you can too)

Authors notes         :	Virtual realisation of &quot;Lady Death&quot; of Chaos Comics, some of the texture detail are from scan of the comic, rest is of screenshots (thinking of writing a optimise to uv rectangle from sphere but haven't (and would be a bitch to texture, but good for my game), so sorry to skinners for my quick UV mapping, write if you want the max file to fix up). Warning some low level course language and satanic themes in the bot chat (though if type to be offened, why are you playing quake?) 

* Play Information *

Skins                 :	yes
Bot support           :	yes
New Sounds            :	yes 
CTF Skins             :	yes 
Polycount             : 1500 (though 8 disapeared at some stage, some from hand?, plus added some to cap holes (hate having to make artistic changes to acomidate software... what the hell, no support for jpg on models? ohh, welcome to a big md3 kiddies))
Known Bugs            : quality of frag cow work, (ie, worked long enough on real stuff not to waste too much time on fun side projects, sorry, also going back to programming soon, but do find modeling fun)

* Construction *
Tools(s) used         :	my tga2lwo.exe (wrote in 'c'), Lightwave 5.5 modeling, 3DS Max 4 + Character Studio, photoshop5.0, Q3Data (poor old 266 pentium)

* How to use this model *
put efmdl-ldeath.pk3 into your baseef folder.

* Copyright / Permissions *
personal enjoyment only. if you make money from this then you sux. Redistribute freely, hopefully intact or improved (you want to fix my work, please do, just might want to explane somewhere what you did (like in this text document) to help confuse people who download these files). Likeness and name &quot;Lady Death&quot; trademark of Chaos Comics, used without permition (they never wrote back)

QUAKE(R) and QUAKE III Arena(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

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