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Galen decided to work on the success of his previous map, Crucible, and produce a somewhat similar map in terms of gameplay. Landing Pad ha...


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Galen decided to work on the success of his previous map, Crucible, and produce a somewhat similar map in terms of gameplay. Landing Pad has a huge middle arena, which also houses *shock and surprise* two landing pads, that serves as the main focus. You'll also find two of the most powerful weapons here (Photon and Welder) with plenty of ammo. However, this isn't all there is to the map. On opposite sides are sniping towers appropriately equipped with the IMod or the Rifle. There are also two corridors running along the other two sides (this is also the only area where you can possibly get some cover). The map isn't clipped at all, so you can get on the ledges, climb on the walls... you can even jump off the map into space if you want, except that you'd die so best to avoid that situation ;)

This map is definitely a pure free for all. It's a very simple layout yet there has been thought given to the elements within the map. I'd imagine with many players it can lead to some chaotic fun!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: No

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Download '' (2.29MB)


Simply unzip this file and place lpad.pk3 into the BaseEF folder of your Elite Force Installation.

C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF


Map Name:  lpad
Map Title:  Landing Pad
Author:  Galen
Created with:  EF Radiant & GTK Radiant
Creation time:  About 3 days
Bot support:  Yes
Play modes:  CTF, Single, Free for All (deathmatch), Team Holomatch, and Tournament.

[Note:  While this map *does* support CTF, it's not primarily intended to be a CTF map.  So, play it in CTF mode by your own choice and no complaints if CTF sucks :) ]


You may distribute this map by any means and to anyone provided that:  1) You do not alter the contents of ctf_lpad.pk3 or any file therein; 2) You do not charge money for this map, except in cases where ctf_lpad.pk3 (or any file therein) is placed on a CD and a fee is charged to cover the costs of the CD media.

You may not decompile or otherwise alter this map without my express written permission.  

All textures in the "textures/lpad/" folder of the pk3 are created by me.  They may be used in other maps in any way the mapper wishes.  No need to ask my persmission to use my textures, just drop me an e-mail and let me know you're using them in your map, so I can check 'em out!


There is one texture in this map that comes from "Angel City" by Angel Quinones.  Textures from "Angel City" are used with the written permission of Angel Quinones.  Visit him at and please download "Angel City" - it's awesome!

Also used two textures from the 3D Studio's free texture collections:


A very big thank you goes out to all the guys at the Raven Software forums for their ongoing help with all my problems and questions.


Did anyone miss me?  This is the first map I've released in almost a year!  I've worked on about 5 or 6 maps, but just couldn't ever seem to finish one.

This map, "Landing Pad," came about because so many people bug me...  "Galen, make another map like Crucible with a big open space so we can just frag!"  Apparently, despite what a crappy design Crucible was, most people love it because it's HUGE and open.  Well, your wish is my command!  Here is another big map and this time there's almost nowhere to hide!  Mwahahahahaha!

And, as always, there's a secret.  Just try to find it.  Here's a hint: It's NOT the goodies behind the towers :)

Any questions, comments, problems, or whatever, feel free to e-mail me:

 | | |  H a p p y F r a g g i n g !  | | |

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