This is a LCARS patch for your Holomatch software.

It allow you to show up to 1024 maps correctly without any memory error.

Fix some o...


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This is a LCARS patch for your Holomatch software.

It allow you to show up to 1024 maps correctly without any memory error.

Fix some other bug.

Really good, it's a must have.

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 __                                          ________________________  __
(  | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MODIFICATION FILE |________________________||__)
 ) |                      __
(__| EF LCARS PATCH 1.23 |__)

                                                 __                    __
                                                (__| THE MODIFICATION |__)

     Since Raven is no longer actively supporting Elite Force with
     patches, the community itself has to make that step and improve
     Elite Force a little.
     This modification fixes some bugs in the GUI of Elite Force. It's
     not ment to fix bugs in the gameplay since this results in patching
     servers as well. This is only ment to be a client side patch.
     If you open a server, be sure to make it unpure and allow clients
     to download from your server. Otherwise clients that have download
     enabled get stuck while connecting to your server.
     Right now there are only some minor bugs fixed. If you have any
     suggestion for a really needed option please contact me (see below). 
     I will see what I can do.

                                                __                     __
                                               (__| THE MODIFICATIONS |__)

     - Welcome-Screen shows "LCARS HOLOMATCH CONSOLE" and the version
       of the modification.
     - On the bottom on all screens you see "ST:V HM v1.20 LCARS 1.nn"
       where nn is the current version
     - The public server list is cached. It will be reloaded everytime
       you start EF or disconnect from a server. So you don't have to
       request the server list from the master server everytime you
       enter the server menu.
     - If the highlighted map in the server list is unknown/not
       installed, the standard picture (EF sign) will appear instead of 
       the simple "black hole".  
     - The menu to create a server allowes the selection of the gametype
       "Tourney" (1v1). 
     - When opening a server you can set also the MOTD (Message Of The
       Day). This message appears to every connecting client while the
       map loads. It will show up under the map name.
       Please remember: Opening a server with this modification forces
       clients to install this also to be able to connect!
     - The serverlist can contain now more then 128 servers: The maximum
       now is 256.
     - The servernames are now case sensitiv.
     - The complete line of a servername is now in the color of the
       estimated connection quality
     - Dead server pings are also shown in the list.
     - The map selection contains now the map name + its filename.
     - Now max. 1024 maps are collected! All maps are shown correctly
       in the menu!
     - Modifications are assigned to the gametype
                                                             __        __
                                                            (__| TIPS |__)
     * Set sv_allowDownload to "1". Since Patch 1.20 a bug causes 
       clients to hang if a server doesn't allow downloads and the
       client (cl_allowDownload) is forced to download a modification
       from a server.
                                                           __          __
                                                          (__| HISTORY|__)

       16.12.2001 LCARS V1.21
       * First release...
       04.03.2002 LCARS V1.22
       * Show servers with failed ping                              
       * Servernames now case sensitiv
       * Mods are assigned to gametype
       * Maximum server 128 -> 256
       * UDP Display deleted
       * Connection quality colors now over complete server line
       * Max. maps in selection now 1024
       * Maps are listed with its filename and name
       04.03.2002 LCARS V1.23
       * Now REALLY maximum Maps is set to 1024 :-/

                                                   __                  __
                                                  (__| HOW TO INSTALL |__)
     * First of all: You need the installed Patch 1.20 or the Expansion
       Pack. This won't work with EF 0.28, EF 1.10!
     * Extract the ZIP-File contents into your Elite-Force root directory - 
       like "C:\STVOY", NOT the baseef-Folder!

       After that you should have a folder named "ef_patch" and a batch 
       file named RUNPATCH.BAT.
       If you used the setup version you will also have a new entry in
       your Start menu by which you can run this modification.
                                                       __              __
                                                      (__| HOW TO RUN |__)

     * There are three ways to run this modification:
       1. Start Elite Force Holomatch as usual and activate the modification
          in the MOD list.
          The entry is called "EF LCARS [version]".
       2. Run Elite Force Holomatch from the command prompt by typing:
          "stvoyhm +set fs_game ef_patch"
       3. ...or just by the installed batch file:

                                                          __           __
                                                         (__| CONTACT |__)
       Well, I hope you like this little modification. If you have 
       suggestions  or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to contact
       me via this email address:
       To get the latest version of this modification or check out my
       other projects (IN2TAGIB, Maps) visit my site:

 __  _______________________________                                   __
(__||_______________________________| PROGRAMMED BY LT. CMDR. SALINGA |__)

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