Speedy has made very playable and original small map. The unique style comes from all-new texture set and fitting skybox (both creat...


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Speedy has made very playable and original small map. The unique style comes from all-new texture set and fitting skybox (both created by the author himself). Textures are a mix of worn metal and dirty concrete, and they work great. Architecture is imaginative and solid, with complex angled structures towering above. Overall design is excellent and stylish, and everything is in place.

The layout is made of 3 interconnected areas. Being very compact, this map has blazingly fast gameplay. Item placement is very clever and fine-tuned, set up to make players move around the entire level. 1-1 game is intense fragfest and requires both strategy and skill to win. I had few very close battles with my friends on the map and we really enjoyed it. FFA quickly turns into blood bath and provides a lot of fun with 3-4 players. Botplay is also very good.

Kick-ass tourney map. Plays great, runs fast, looks cool and original.

Download now! :)

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Download 'mapleaks2.zip' (2.91MB)

Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga with permission of the author.

Following is the readme of the original Q3A map:


Title				: Leaks2 
Game				: Quake 3 DM 

Author			: 
			icq 68154481
Files                   : map-leaks2.pk3

Description / Play Information 

Fast compact deathmatch map for 3 ffa/1-1, based on my q1 map. Bots play pretty good.
Uses new textures set.
Textures: all made by myself (aka Speedy) (except ground and teleport)
Skybox: 'elbrus' also by me.

Instructions / INSTALLATION 

Unzip .pk3 to quake3/baseq3/ directory

To start, in quake`s console type: map leaks2 or start it from menu




Soft Used              

BSP map editor by Yahn W. Bernier
TexMex by Mickey
PS by someone
Win.com by Bill G8s' gimps

-- Copyright / Permissions --

NON-commercial use only (for this pak as a whole and any of its parts - textures, skybox etc.). In other case you have to obtain my permission.
If you want to use any of these in your game (free or commercial) - contact me first
If you use anything - give me credit.

You MAY distribute this file through any electronic network (internet,
local BBS etc.), provided you include txt and all files unmodified and leave the zip archive intact.

no funny shit ;/

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