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Let Me Go is another interesting Quake3 conversion from Lt. Cmdr. Salinga, which supports Free For All, Solomatch and One on O...


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Let Me Go is another interesting Quake3 conversion from Lt. Cmdr. Salinga, which supports Free For All, Solomatch and One on One.

This is a reasonably small map that is well designed and has a great feeling to it. While I'm not too keen on the color scheme, it does actually work well in combination with the lighting and adds to the enjoyability of the map. The map is itself very well lit and makes good use of weapon placement.

A large number of players may make you feel slightly over crowded, but that would no doubt be interesting to see. I enjoyed playing this map and recommend you give it a try as well.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download 'dmr3dm2.zip' (3.69MB)

Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga with permission from the author.

Copyright notice of the original map applies also to this conversion.

Gametypes ......: FFA, 1v1, Solomatch
Date of release : 04.10.2007
Installation ...: Copy the pk3 file into the baseef folder of Elite Force.

For more Q3A map conversions visit: 

Following is the readme of the original Q3A map:


Game:			: Quake III Arena / Quake III Team Rrena
Title                   : Let Me Go
Version			: 1.1m
Date                    : 28 May 2007 
PK3 filename		: dmr3dm2.pk3
Map filename		: dmr3dm2.bsp
System required		: Quake 3 v1.11 or higher
Author                  : Artem "DOOMer" Galichkin
Email Address           : doomer3d@rambler.ru
Site			: http://quakegate.ru
Additional Credits to   : id Software for Quake 3 

Installation		: Place the pk3 file into your baseq3 directory 
			  and select dmr3dm2 arena from arena menu or 
			  press "~" and type "/map dmr3dm2"
Special thanks		: Cardigan for skybox
			  Evillair for Q2-style textures


- Play Information -

Players                 : 2-4 
Free For All		: Yes
Team DeathMatch		: No
Tournament		: Yes
CTF			: No
Bot support		^ Yes

New Textures		: Yes   
New Sounds		: No
New Music		: No

- Construction -

Base                    : from scratch
Editor(s) used          : GtkRadiant 1.5.0-rc1, Q3map2, Photoshop CS2, FAR Manager 
Known Bugs              : Bots cannot get out of slime
BSP Time		: 3 seconds
VIS Time		: 2 seconds
Light Time (-super 2)	: about 2.5 hours
AAS time		: 8 seconds
Build Time              : 2 monts (with breaks) 

Compile machine         : iP4 3.2 GHz & 1024 MB Ram & GeForce 7600GT 256 mb PCI-Ex16

Small DM-level, designed in Quake2-style.

Copyright & Distribution: 

Copyright (c) 2007 by Artem "DOOMer" Galichkin

This level can freely be distributed provided that it occurs 
free-of-charge and without entering any changes into a level 
and text file and to presence of all files, given by the author.

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