Level 28

The point of this map escape me completly...

It's simply the Level 28 of the Cheyenne Mountain complexe (Stargate base). I don't see why...


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The point of this map escape me completly...

It's simply the Level 28 of the Cheyenne Mountain complexe (Stargate base). I don't see why we would need an other map of this base, some other people already did some great map of this. As you can see, this map is not finish. Many thing don't work. I have not been able to open any door, and the readme is surely not helpfull on this. But the main error of this map, is the scale. The map is probably 25-35% too small compared to the real set of Stargate. You can see HoM error, brush badly made, overlapping brush... The Stargate itself seam to have been done in brush. Why not use the public model? Also, I have not be able to use the spiral staires. They are too low.

Of course, (beside the scale) the best part of this map, is how it's canon to the serie... But it's all.

You can download it if you want. Or if you have time to waste.

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Download 'level28_public_beta.zip' (6MB)

Here finally is the long-awaited beta map of level 28 used in my mod based on the scifi series Stargate SG-1. While this isn't a final release, I figured I'd give the fans something to play with or tide them over. Really what I want from this is to get some constructive criticism, suggestions, or even help on anything I might have missed and still have room for. I've studied long and hard into the show and my DVD captured images to get the layout just right but there are a few areas that I'm still a little hazy on. Not to mention I still have things that need added in like monitors or wall panels or some models like the hall lights but everything else pretty much matches the show if you look at it and compare it. There are a few bugs still that I haven't figured out how to fix like one of the blast doors to the gate room tends to stick if you don't hit the keyslot just right which I hope to work out soon enough. Everything in the map was made from scratch and was created by myself with the exception of various textures created by Mart and Wade but the rest were from the game or I myself generated for this map. I also edited and added to the original shader file from Wade's SGC since I used some of the same textures as he did in his version of the facility and it would make little sense to redo it. If there's anything else I missed that someone should be given credit for then please tell me. The last thing I'd want is to take someone's work as my own. With all of that said, Enjoy!


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