Level 28 Final Beta



This is the level 28 of the Cheynne Mountain in Stargate. So, the map feature the loading level with the gate.

You will need to download the latest version of the Gate model from Wade to get it right.

This is a beta, so have fun, and send your feedback to [email protected] or www.stargatemods.com

There is obvious problem, like the map is small and hard to navigate. Some texture have been over-shrink making them low resolution. And the music, after 2 mins become highly annoying.

Anyway, download and test. :)



Ok Beta Testers. Have fun with this map! I made it for single player mode to simply test the set for the moment. Post your comments in the Elite Force Stargate Mod thread at www.stargatemods.com within the forums or email me at [email protected]. I hope you enjoy this and that I can release another map for people to play with soon publicly. You only need to type : map level28final into the console.

I also included Wade's Wall Lamp from SG4Real and you need his later stargate model made public for EF.


The rest of the credits are the same as the last map except for USS Speed gave me a concrete texture. I don't think I left anything else out.

P.S. You may hear music too. I placed the theme for stargate atlantis in there as a filler for now in my own but I didn't include it in this file. All you have to do is put something in the BaseEF/music folder named ComMusic.mp3 and make sure it's playback is 44100 Hz, 128 kbps, and stereo. Also, almost all the keyslots can be used with the use key so you can open doors and close them going section to section.

"This map and no parts from it are to be used nor is any likeness to it to be created by anyone"

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