LGL Station Alpha

The first official map for the Low Grav League, this map was built for low grav games, of course!

The map is set out in space and is quit...


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The first official map for the Low Grav League, this map was built for low grav games, of course!

The map is set out in space and is quite monochromatic with a few indications of base colours. It's very open which works well in low grav (finally!) but can also work in regular mode by changing the g_gravity setting. The design is somewhat like Faceoff, especially the bases. The map may seem quite large and might look like it takes too long to get across, but with the placement of the transporters you can get around pretty quick!

I liked this map a lot. Finally a map that was actually made for low grav and has good gameplay! Definitely check this out, especially if you're into low grav games!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Download 'lglsa.zip' (2.83MB)

LGL Station Alpha

Low Grav League's first official map.

FFA recommended players 10
CTF recommended players 6v6
TDM recommended players 6v6

This map is obviously designed for low gravity but could easily be used in regular gravity as well(you would have to set g_gravity to override current low grav setting).  

Bot support is included with this map.

There is a hidden room, shouldn't be too hard to find.  Watch where you step though.

Place the "lglsa.pk3" file in your BaseEF folder.


I realize that this is way late in the game but figured now was probably a good time to get this done with the release of EF2 just around the corner.  This map was probably the biggest project I've done so far, totaling approximately 5 weeks from pre-design to final compile.  Thanks to everyone for their input during the design.  I would like to point out that nothing has been copied from other maps.  While there are similarities between this design and other maps, all structures in this design were drawn in this map.  There were, however, three specific maps which inspired the design of this one (noted below).

Specifically, I'd like to thank the following...

Pre-design input:
ChynaSkye, Hx2, Kevorkian, OxRod, PooP, Shaun, SixKings, Stealth, Benny, Blink, CODE187, Kroshka, Lt. Vladimir, NeonNoodle, Nightmare, NoticeDaSkillZ, Pheonix, Predator, Revos, Spartan, StyLLiC, Xenomorph

Beta Testers:
DeathsHand, Kevorkian, PooP

Map Design Inspiration:
Ghenghiz (ctf_Faceoff), Cloud13 (ctf_NG Station), Ravensoft (Geothermal)

Music (hidden):
The Buckwheat Boys

[email protected]

For Clan Affiliation & Server Information visit http://www.LowGravLeague.com

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