Lt. Cmdr. Salinga has sent in another of his choice conversions, this one, originally developed by -cha0s- is something of dif...


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Lt. Cmdr. Salinga has sent in another of his choice conversions, this one, originally developed by -cha0s- is something of different sort; lichtwärts (which translates to 'in light direction') wasn't soley created as a playable map, rather as an example of a design study. Playing in FFA or 1v1 mode, will take some serious skill, if you look to the screenshots, you'll see what I mean... but it can be fun just the same!

It will take a higher-end rig to enjoy this map...along with a light heartedness, as this map may not be the best for the serious gamer.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (1.8MB)

Elite Force conversion by Lt. Cmdr. Salinga with permission of the author.
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Follwing is the readme of the original Q3A map:

         title:	lichtwärts  
	author:	dominic szablewski aka. -cha0s-  
	  date:	30.6.2002  
      filename:	cht2.pk3  
       bspname: cht2.bsp 

		lichtwärts (english: 'in light direction') is not built 
		as a really playable map but as a design study. when 
		i've tested the cel-shader fx, which was now possible 
		(thx 2 ydnar :), it blew me away - so i decided to 
		make a map with it. the map is highly inspired by
		some screenshots from ydnar demonstrating the
		cel-shader fx and charon's geocomp map. 
		as you may guess, the bots play pretty stupid in 
		this map (as if they won't always do ;). it was a 
		pain in the ass to get them even running.
		the r_speeds are at 20k (doubled by the cel-shader fx) 
		so you may need a fast computer to play this map. 

		make sure you have the quake III: arena point release 
		installed. for more information, visit
		unzip the pk3 file in your baseq3 folder. 
		run quake III arena and select single player then skirmish. 
		the map should appear somewhere on the list, usually at 
		the end.

    tools.used:	qeradiant 2.00; adobe photoshop 6.0; q3map2.exe; notepad  
    known.bugs:	bots play pretty stupid  
    build.time: about 3month on and off  
      hardware: AMD Duron @ 750mhz, 256mb  
           bsp: 1min  
           vis: 6min  
         light: 34min (bounce 3)  
          bspc:	3min  
       brushes: 1400  

       .thx to:
	 ydnar: q3map2
       eversor: beta testing, help and stupid comments :]
    [F^3][Kr1X: beta testing, whining and bitching :]
	 stoni: beta testing
  [F^3][TheOne: beta testing
       [cyrus]: beta testing 
        charon: inspiration help, inspiration, laughter
  #mappers.ger: nothing :P 

		Copyright (c) 2002 -cha0s- (dominic szablewski) All rights reserved. 
		Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id 
		Software, Inc.
		This map may be electronically distributed only at 
		NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, must 
		include this .txt/.html file, and may not be modified 
		in any way. 
		Under no circumstances is this level to be distributed 
		on cd-ROM without prior written permission.

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