Lieutenant Kulhane

This was an experimental model that was good enough to be released. It's based on a character EFP*Tim made named William Kulhane. He's a...


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File Description

This was an experimental model that was good enough to be released.

It's based on a character EFP*Tim made named William Kulhane. He's a suicidal character from a series he made called Star Chrek, a spoof of Star Trek that features most of the same tecnology, but with a mostly different storyline.

Kulhane is a hyper-evolved chicken whose race was created in an accident on the planet Earth nearly 200 years ago.

The model features totally new Bot Support and some interesting sound effects recorded by EFP*Tim.

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	         Kulhane Model for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force          	           

Model Name: Kulhane
Date of Compilation: 24/4/2001
New Sounds: Yes
Holomatch Team Support: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
Model Format: .md3
Modeler program used: MilkShape 3D
Bot Editing program: BotStudio 0.98 Beta, then tweaked a bit to work in EF
Texture Editing Programs: Flash 5, Microsoft Photo Editor, Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Time taken to make: Working 2 hours a day, 8 days


Model Description:

This model is based on a character in a Star Trek Spoof series I've made up called Star Chrek.  
In this dimension, through some long ago accident, chickens went through a hyper-accelerated 
evolution, bringing them to the same level as humans.  Now they are called Chykens and they 
co-exist in a Star Trek-like universe with humans on the planet Earth and other planets.

Lietenant Will Kulhane is a Chyken and is the conn officer of the Federation starship USS Antilles, 
registry number NX-324236-AKT.  He is a nice person, sometimes a litte dumb, but has a bad tendancy to 
have weapons backfire on him all of the time.  Because of all of his experiences with these 
weapons, he is an expert at all kinds of weapons, making him a very deadly enemy in the 


Installation Instructions:

Drag the kulhane.pk3 file into the BaseEF folder in your STV:EF directory

Kulhane will now be available to choose in the player selection menu in Holomatch.


Drag the kulhane.pk3 file into your BaseEF folder in the STV:EF directory

Open Holomatch and check the player selection!


This is the first model I've made for EF and I think it turned out really well.
You'll notice that the body of Kulhane is just the default StarFleet body with a modified skin
This is because I don't know how to model realistic looking bodys, and then use a skeleton to
make animations.  If you think you could help me, please send an E-mail to the address below.


Do you have comments, suggestions, or just want to chat? Then I can be contacted by:

ICQ: 24965853
MSN Messenger:


Legal Stuff
You may take this model apart and look at it, but if you want to modify it and re-release it, 
can you please ask me first?

Elite Force is a registered trademark of Ravensoft and Activision.

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