An other Q3 convertion.

It's a kind of Borg-i-fied wolf.

Great model with good skin. Nothing special.

CTF/BOT Support.



January 8, 2001
Lonewolf for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Created by Richard Owen

Model Names             : Lonewolf

Installation Directory  : BaseEF/efmdl-lonewolf.pk3

Elite Force Version     : Richard Owen

Email Address		: [email protected] 

URL                     : http://efmodels.bizland.com   

Author                  : Joey "Reaper 9000" Davis

Email Address           : [email protected]

Model description	: A wolf-like bionic alien bounty hunter

Thanks to               : Wario, Metallicator, SuperAly


* Play Information *

New Sounds              : YES
CTF Skins               : YES
Bot Support             : YES

* Construction *

Poly Count              : 1354 with LODs
Vert Count              : unknown
Skin Count              : 5 (default, red, blue, hound, k9)
Base                    : New Model
Editor used             : q3data
Known Bugs              : some shader effects only show up in 32-bit
Build/Animation time    : 2 months

* Story *
  He is known only as Lonewolf.  A wolf-like native of the planet Kaanus, Lonewolf was exiled from his home planet for crimes that Lonewolf is too ashamed to reveal.  Since that time, Lonewolf has gone into the only profession befitting the brutal, vicious, vile creature that he is.  He became a bounty hunter, and one of the best in the known galaxy.  His hatred for all bipedal races accompanied by his thirst for violence and bloodshed has made Lonewolf a natural for his line of work.  To become a target of Lonewolf is a death sentence and for the right price anyone could become the target.  He has never failed in a hunt always bringing back the hearthe ripped from the chest of his dying victim.  His perfect record has made him highly respected by his "customers", and his brutality has made him despised by everybody else.  
  The years of hunting have taken their toll.  Nearly 50% of Lonewolf's body is now cybernetic replacement parts.  The low grade, yet highly fuctional, parts have no skin or fur replacement leaving Lonewolf as a sort of grusome techno Frankenstein monster.  As for the large amount of money Lonewolf makes, nobody knows what he does with it.  His modified single person space craft 
always looks to be on the verge of falling apart.  He obviously doesn't spend much on his cybernetics, and Lonewolf buys no luxuries for himself except for the imported cigars he perpetually smokes.  (Lonewolf has been heard saying that the cigar is the only useful product of the bipedal races.)  Lonewolf considers all bipedal lifeforms as freaks of nature and therefore has no friends that he has confided in.  However, most of his customers, knowing Lonewolf's thirst for vengence, believe he is probably raising enough money to buy an army in order to go back to Kaanus to conquer it.  Then as the emperor, he could exact his brutal revenge on those who exiled him.  
  Lonewolf has been deceived into becoming a voluntary participant in the eternal arenas. Lonewolf believes he is hunting for his target who was abducted by the Vadrigar right in front of him.  The Vadrigar led Lonewolf to believe that he would be allowed to search through their arenas only if he agreed to their slave and do battle on any arena that does not containthe target.  Then once the target is found and killed, Lonewolf would be allowed to leave to collect the bounty.  However, As soon as Lonewolf was transported to the arenas, the target was returned to the place he was taken from.  The Vadrigar did not want Lonewolf's considerable tracking skills and effort devoted to either finding the way out or directly attacking them.  There would be no sport in that.  Lonewolf will never find the target and therefore he is stranded in the arenas just like all the other unwilling participants. 

* Copyright / Permissions *
Star Trek: Voyager is a trademark of Paramount Pictures. This product contains software technology licensed from Id Software, Inc. Id technology (c) 1999, Id Software, Inc. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. © 1999 Activision, Inc.  

This model can be freely distributed on the net as long as this text file is included, and the pk3 file is unmodified. If you wish to include it in a compilation, Mod or commercial product, please email me first.

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