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Okay, since this is a file of my own creation, I won't give it any rating or offer any opinions on it's technical aspects. :)

Okay... this is version 2 of my Lieutenant William T. Kulhane model, the infamous 'bird' model as some have called it. ;) I finished version 1 way back in early 2001 and it didn't make it's way here until a little while later. At the same time, I also released a hazard uniform version, both which were featured in POTDs at some point or another, which was pretty cool. :)

In any case, about a year after I finished version 1, and I had learnt a little bit more about basic EF modding (As opposed to knowing absolutely nothing :P ), I redid version 1 and created this one. The basic difference between the two is that this one has new bot support, new sounds, touched up textures, and a shader that makes him blink. Only now, after 2 years, has this model made it to EFFiles. Before then, it was hosted on a geocities account. :P

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this version over the old one, and if you didn't see the old one, just do a search in the EF1 section for Kulhane. :)


Bot Support - Yes Team Support - Yes New Sounds - Yes



|	                  All-New Lt. Will Kulhane Model by Tim                            |

File Name: efmdl-kulhane.pk3
Date Created: 
New Sounds: Yes (Sounds are unedited, recorded by Tim)
Bot Support: Yes
Date of Compilation: 6/23/2002
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop 5.5/6.0, PakScape, NotePad, Shader Editor, MilkShape 3D,
Cool Edit Pro, PakRat
Computer Platforms Used To Make It: Toshiba Satellite 1730CDT PC laptop, Apple G4 iMac (You
know, the all-new white shiny ones that have the LCD monitor on a metal pole. ;) )
Shaders: Yes. Watch his eyes veeery carefully ;)


Model Description:

"Stardate 180602.3

I have been in the Elite Force arenas for a year now... slowly adapting to the playing 
methods of the other entities in this region.  I have discovered that there are many 
sub-categories in this dimension.  Apparently at the beginning, I was a 'n00b' however
I am more commonly referred to as a 'Det Whore' now. I can only guess that this is because 
of my love for the manually-activated, explosive charges that line the arena maps.  Although
very useful for setting up strategically advanced traps, I now see that there is little 
honour in vapourising one's enemy from a far distance with the flick of a switch.


Name: Lt. William T Kulhane 
Race: Chyken
Current Status: Fragging some @$$ in the EF arenas!

Kulhane is the conn officer of a ship called the Antilles.  His race, the result of an 
experiment gone wrong years ago.  As a volunteer, Kulhane visited a dimension in where
a large game was held in many Holodeck Arenas.  He found out they were Elite Force arenas
in where you are loaded as a holographic projection into the holodecks, capable of causing 
damage to other people, but only holographically.

He now spends all of his shore leave in the EF arenas, constantly honing his skills...

Extra Information:

Hehe... Kulhane... the infamous character I designed many months (or 3 years :P ) ago.

Since then he's appeared in many of the things I've done. Drawings... Flash animations...
and now EF... again.  The original model of Kulhane I created, was made a few weeks after 
I had gotten EF.  I had finished SP and had discovered all of these neat files in a huge
archive called Pak0.pk3.  After doing some research, I discovered that it was technically
possible to create your own custom, 'skins' or 'models' for EF.  From that, I tried to make
a skin of me in a Hazard Suit.  Looking back now, I can laugh at my apparent knowledge
(Or lack, there of) that I had when making that skin. After finding out it was possible to
model your own meshes and put them into EF, I set about trying to find out what programs
there are.

At the birthday party of one of my friends (Some people know him as QuakenMichael) which 
involved many chicks, a pool, my very own set of heavy-duty, binocular sized scuba goggles
(or face mask ;P), I ran into one of QM's Q3 fanatic friends.  He told me there's a 
cool-ass website called 'PolyCount' that could most likely have what I'm looking for.
Specifically, he said there was a shareware program called 'MilkShape 3D' that could be 
useful.  I downloaded MilkShape, took a few tutorials, and soon, I had full knowledge of 
how the program worked (Very small program :P)

Over the course of a week, I set about creating the head model for Kulhane in MilkShape. It
basically consisted of a cylinder and 4 spheres arranged around. Over the course of a day,
I quickly recorded sounds, copied out and modified a bot support set, and aligned the head
to fit on the body, which was the Starfleet one that Raven had made.

And so there it was, the first model I had made for EF and it was the Starfleet Chyken I
had designed two years ago.  I wore the Kulhane model whenever I was in a non-pure server,
but alas, as 1.2 came out for the PC and here was me on a Mac, I was without online EF for
4 months.  Then I realized there actually were still mac servers around and that there
was a huge Mac EF community that were as lively as the PC people.  Unfortunately, there 
were no non-pure servers, only 500 ping ones that were located in Italy. :P I hung up the 
Kulhane model on Effiles.com and forgot about it (The original Kulhane model is still
available to download at Effiles. Just go to 'Models>Star Trek')

Since the Mac 1.2 x-pack was released, I went from a Mac community to a local Aussie 
community, one that still exists to this day (18-06-2002), however NOW, we're on a 
non-pure server, so the ability to wear any skin/model is back up.  So, to get my own unique
model to wear, as well as see how my skinning/model editing skills have come over a year,
I decided to re-skin Kulhane and pretty much re-do the whole pack. 

So now, he's back... and a helluva lot better this time too. :D

Installation Instructions:

Both Platforms (Mac and Windows):

Drag the efmdl-kulhane.pk3 file into your BaseEF folder. 

Start up EF and check the model selection! ;D

*NOTE: If you have the original Kulhane model installed already, it probably would be
a good idea to remove it from the BaseEF directorty.  There could be some strange results
if you don't.*

Special Thanks:

QuakenMichael - For introducing me to Dingbat

Dingbat - For recommending I download MilkShape 3D

Do you have comments, suggestions, or just want to chat? Then I can be contacted by:

ICQ: 24965853
E-Mail: [email protected]
MSN Messenger: [email protected]

Legal Stuff:
The head model, and the skins and shaders made for it, were made entirely by me.
Don't take it out and modify for your own projects.  If you do want to use the head for a
base reference/template, etc. then e-mail me first.

Elite Force is a registered trademark of Ravensoft and Activision.

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