Skins used by the {MAC} clan.


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Skins used by the {MAC} clan.

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Developer: {MAC}mEan 
When: 12/09/02

Installation instructions:
Place macpak.pk3 into your Base EF folder. 

The macpak contains 21 skins used by the {MAC} clan. 
All skins have bots and CTF/team support.
Skins are use base meshes from the STVEF default pak.
Uniforms consist of a Hexagonal pattern and horizontal 
stripe that folds into a "V" shape on the back. 
head images have been altered to the specifications of each
clan member. No shaders. D/L this pak before you visit the
{MAC} Gladiator or team competition servers. 

The offical webpage for the macpak is

See ya Starside!! -mEan

About the macpak.pk3:
The macpak is a Star Trek Voyager-Elite Force component of the popular multiplayer game.
In it you will find skins for all of the current {MAC}clan members.
The hexagonal pattern on the torso was selected because of Apple's use hex coding in the OS.
Clan members gave input to character features they wanted. Some members even wrote their own bot chats.

This pak was made by {MAC}mEan in 12/02.

Files are the edited images found in the STVEF skinpacks. The meshes are of the regular crew uniforms, hirogen, romulan, and reaver that are from the EF pak0.pk3 files. Thanks to all of those artists and companies that originated the original work for EF gamers! If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have had the nice meshes to work with. BTW, I fixed the Vorik no-neck problem. He is used by Vladimir.

To the creators of STVEF, and the companies they work for, for this great game. Thanks to all of my clansmen for beta testing endless updates to see if their skins worked and looked good. A special thanks to Neural-Link for his assistance and guides to read while making these confounded skins.

Remember, These skins are not for sale. They are freely distributed by the originators for product promotion and gameplay.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

See ya Starside!


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